Heavy duty segment drives record month of truck sales

truck sales

Despite the pain at the pumps, ongoing skills shortages and many other industry pressures facing operators, new heavy vehicle sales in Australia continue to set new records.

The latest numbers in from the Truck Industry Council (TIC) show that June reset the bar with 4987 units sold across all categories, surpassing the previous best monthly high of 4741 set in the same month last year.

It was only in June 2018 that the 4000 sales mark in a single month was broken for the first time and now just four years on, sales have almost broken through the 5000 barrier, no doubt due to the continuation of the instant asset right-off incentive.

Prior to 2018 the best sales month was shared by June 2007 and June 2009 when 3718 new heavy trucks were sold.

There was also plenty for heavy duty dealerships to celebrate last month with 1494 heavies sold in June, breaking the previous record of 1433 set in June 2018.

It was an especially big month for Volvo which narrowly overtook Isuzu for the first time since the end of 2021 to reclaim second overall category spot behind Kenworth.

Kenworth notched 298 orders for June, with Volvo just 30 back on 266 and Isuzu on 200.

Kenworth has now opened up another unassailable lead of 1420 year-to-date YTD, followed by Volvo on 1021 and Isuzu on 1010.

TIC says the overall numbers show the heavy duty segment is in a healthy place half-way through the year.

The record monthly total of 1594 deliveries is up 16 per cent (220 trucks) over the same month in 2021.

Looking at quarter two in isolation, TIC again sees an encouraging performance with 3904 sales for April to June, up on the second quarter 2021 result by a significant 551 trucks (14.1 per cent).

Heavy duty sales for June.

The medium duty segment has been a surprise so far in 2022 with strong sales growth over 2021 and June was another strong month for the segment, reports TIC.

Just under 1000 (997) medium duty trucks were delivered last month, up 19.5 per-cent (163 trucks) over June 2021.

The overall April to June remains strong with 2310 mediums delivered in quarter two 2022, compared to 2075 for the same period in 2021, running 10.2 per cent above 2021 levels.

Year-to-date medium duty truck sales are performing very well with 3961 deliveries to the end of June 2022, up 12 per cent (424 trucks) on the 2021 half year result.

June also saw a new record for light duty truck sales (trucks with a GVM between 3500kg and 8000kg), with 1751 lights delivered for the month, up 8.1 per cent (131 vehicles) over June 2021, which was the previous benchmark for the month of June.

Amongst all the good news, struggles continue for the van segment, with June sales (vans with a GVM between 3500kg and 8000kg) well down over 2021 June results.

Just 645 light-duty vans were delivered for the month, down a massive 29.4 per cent (-268 vans) over June 2021.

TIC CEO Tony McMullan said the van segment’s woes is a reminder of the fragility of the market’s ongoing supply chain issues that could potentially affect the truck sector too.

“I also see strong headwinds ahead for our economy, with rising inflation and interest rates likely to slow spending and tighten the borrowing capacity of some organisations,” McMullan warned.

“I certainly hope that sales in the second half of 2022 continue apace and that the 2018 sales mark can be surpassed, though that is not guaranteed by any means at this point in time.”

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