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How telematics can help show compliance

Chain of Responsibility laws mean all parties in the transport supply chain are held accountable for their actions in ensuring workplace health and safety guidelines are adhered to – every step of the way.

When an OH&S incident occurs, industry can be perceived as being at fault and subsequently requires evidence that proves every endeavour was implemented to mitigate the risk of such incidents.

OH&S Engineering Control Technologies can mitigate or eliminate associated workplace injuries and fatalities. Technical solutions for compliance and reduced liability are even being recommended, and in some cases, mandated.

Electronic proof of compliance can be used to mitigate the risk in accountability and be shown as proof to regulators – which can help transport operators to avoid costly penalties and or legal action in the event of an incident.

LSM Technologies FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics solution is a world first, Australian innovation – proudly developed, IP designed, maintained and managed solely by the team at LSM Technologies.

FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking solution not only provides standard fleet tracking data but also integrates an array of LSM developed and designed Australian OH&S mitigation controls.

The system’s hub is mounted in the vehicle and an online web browser interface shows fleet dashboards, customisable reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user defined alerts.

The FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics can provide customisable live and historical reports for analysis and compliance reporting.

The online browser’s back-to-base management solution is scalable from a single vehicle up to thousands. As a management tool it can accessed via any internet connected PC or mobile device, including Apple iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, providing immediate alerts as required via SMS and email, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

LSM Technologies also provides numerous Australian designed and developed safety mitigation controls that are integrated into the LSM FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking solution.

Some of LSM Technologies’ mitigation controls can be utilised alone, or where a single in-cabin display is used, they can all be all connected to LSM’s patent pending Sentinel VSS Vehicle Safety System Centralised Logics Controller.

Alerts and data can also be sent via the system too. 

LSM Technologies’ unique OH&S mitigation include systems centred around anti roll-away, park brake failure, proximity detection, emergency braking, fatigue, driver distraction, driver assistance, anti-theft, tyre pressure and temperature monitoring, environmental monitoring and more.

The FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics solution can be fitted on any mobile or fixed equipment. The telemetry hardware and a Sim card with a data plan can monitor the data transmitted into the system. It is then collected, stored, monitored, reported and analysed.

Some of the features of FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics are geo-fencing and no-go areas; full management, user and administration interface; alert customisation including SMS and email alerts; scheduled and automatic reporting with trending data, analysis and compliance reporting; and dashboard reporting.

This innovative telematics system can help to reduce operating costs, extend component service life, reduce equipment damage; enhance workplace safety and operator health, increase productivity and show proof of compliance.

LSM Technologies is also a Telstra Data Plan supplier and can provide everything you need from the one source, including a telemetry package, sim data plans and management portal.

The FSM Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics can provide customisable live and historical reports for analysis and compliance reporting. Events history can also be printed either on demand or automatically. 

Geofences provides security in route areas to either initiate alarm if restricted areas are accessed, to eliminate false alarming in areas such as workshops, and to identify infrastructure and no-go zones.

The system can help transport operators to provide real time data and alerts back to base, ensuring a proactive approach to enhance OH&S, provide equipment damage control, keep maintenance costs down and enhance productivity.

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