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Low cost EWD beaming with benefits for truckies

Hubfleet’s easy-to-use, feature-packed electronic work diary (EWD) is rapidly gaining popularity in the industry with individual drivers and large fleets alike.

At just $19 per month for the entry-level subscription for individual users, Hubfleet is very low cost, with plenty of benefits. 

“We’re the first EWD to be approved by the NHVR to run on practically any Apple or Android device, so drivers can use the phone in their pocket to replace their paper diary,” said James Doherty, founder of Hubfleet. 

For larger fleets that have tablets in their trucks, they can simply install the app and get started.

“Drivers tell us the main benefits they see in using an EWD is that they work to the nearest minute, so they no longer have to round rest breaks into 15 minute blocks. This can save a driver over 30 minutes a day. The Hubfleet app also does all the fatigue calculations, so drivers don’t have to stress or second guess themselves about fatigue breaks.”

Doherty also notes that fleet managers love the Hubfleet web-based back-office system too, as it allows them to keep track of where their drivers are and what they are doing; flagging any potential breaches in real-time. It makes scheduling much easier, as you have all the driver records in a clear dashboard and the data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further processing.

Hubfleet’s user-friendly dashboard and forecasting tools have been a hit with truckies.

Compliance reporting is also automated. A manager can simply select a date range, for example the last three months, press a button and the system will list how many shifts each driver has done and identify any potential breaches. All of this can be exported to spreadsheets and reports – so tasks that typically take days can now be done in a couple of seconds. It also makes a great time-sheeting tool.

Hubfleet also offers a low cost telematics add-on product, for which it charges just $10 a month. “A lot of providers will charge $100 a month for that sort of technology. Because it works off the phone or tablet the driver is using, it is a very low cost approach. And a big benefit is that the location data integrates with the rest of our system, so we enable automatic cross checking of location data with a driver’s work diary. This can be very time consuming with separate systems,” Doherty added. 

“The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. We have fleets ranging from single drivers to over 450 drivers. Looking ahead we’re building new features in response to customer requests. One thing we think will be big is integrations with other products. For example, high precision telematics, HR systems and fleet maintenance tools.”

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