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Exciting changes for telematics business Ctrack

With origins dating back over 30 years, Ctrack will soon become Inseego, following the successful completion of the sale of the South African operations of its telematics and asset tracking business.

Operational since 1986 and most recently known as Ctrack by Inseego, telematics is traditionally at the company’s core.

Ctrack holds a wealth of expertise and knowledge from across the globe and is proud to showcase this in its range of solutions today. Since joining Inseego Corp. in 2016, the business has continued to build an innovative portfolio towards the future needs of its customers.

This year the company is embarking on an exciting new journey, parting ways with the Ctrack name and becoming a key part of Inseego’s leading 5G intelligent edge offering.

Combining Inseego’s strength in 5G with over 35 years of telematics experience, we are evolving to offer more than just fleet and asset tracking. 5G creates new opportunities to improve and enhance your existing business operations in addition to our ability to offer new services and solutions.

Whether your business consists of five or 5000 vehicles, assets or people, our market-leading solutions can be deployed across a range of industries and all types of vehicles and equipment.

Ctrack offers a wide range of technology and telematics solutions.

In addition to offering real-time tracking, you have the option to record vehicle positions at predefined intervals, so you can clearly see where your fleet vehicles are, and where they’ve been.

With powerful geo-fencing or geo-zone capabilities built in, you can also easily configure preferred areas, no-go areas and waypoints for your drivers to adhere to; with alerts provided should your assets veer off the pre-set paths. 

From a technology standpoint, the first in what will be more to come in terms of innovative solutions is our AI dashcam offering which has proven to be incredibly popular since it was introduced. The industry overall is seeing a shift towards the inclusion of video telematics and this step forward in fleet safety goes the extra distance. Traditional cameras capture only the accidents, whereas the AI-12 dash cams can help prevent them from happening in the first place.

MV (Machine Vision) – or ‘the eyes’ uses cameras to detect behaviours like using a phone, smoking or distracted driving and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the brain; interpreting the footage to raise the relevant alert.

This combination of MV and AI prevents incidents by proactively notifying the driver in real-time of risky or dangerous behaviours using audio and visual alerts. This enables the driver to self-correct before an accident happens so they can build awareness, self-manage and develop safer driving habits over time. 

Inseego also offers an electronic work diary (EWD) option that is 100 per cent tested and certified to the full EWD standards, set by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). The Smart eDriver is a handy mobile app used to improve safety and productivity, while helping to ensure compliance. The Smart eDriver platform is fully compliant with all NHVR standards and Basic Fatigue Management rules with the ability to integrate Advanced Fatigue Management solutions on request. As transport operators receive real-time data, it provides an opportunity to a faster response in the event of compliance breaches.

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