Miracle escape for driver after chemical spill crash in Melbourne


Police say the truckie driving the B-double that crashed through a barrier and careered down an embankment in Melbourne earlier today was lucky to walk away with only minor injuries.

The 41-year-old Mernda man was taken to hospital for observation.

Victoria Police Acting Senior Sergeant Jason Connor said the man had only sustained minor injuries and it was expected he would be able to speak to police on Friday, reported the ABC.

“It’s horrific. I’m surprised he’s walked away,” he said.

More than 40 FRV firefighters responded to an incident in Tullamarine in the early hours of Friday morning, following multiple reports to Triple Zero (000) of a truck crash.

Crews arrived at the Western Ring Road scene at 2.15am to find a large truck had crashed through the barrier and careered down an embankment at the Altona-bound exit ramp onto Melrose Drive., trapping the driver.

As the truck was carrying a chemical pesticide that had spilled onto the road, firefighters escalated the response and specialist FRV firefighters, including Hazmat crews were responded to the scene.

FRV Hazmat crews created an exclusion zone around the spill and worked to contain it.

Meanwhile, firefighters worked carefully for two hours to extricate the driver before he was transported to hospital in the care of Ambulance Victoria paramedics.

“The truck had rolled over so it is a difficult rescue,” Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) assistant chief fire officer Craig Brownlie said.

“Fire crews had to get access to the truck, to the cab, open the door and then, using some specialist equipment, to actually be able to remove him out of the vehicle.”

A community warning was issued earlier today, advising the public to avoid the area if possible.

“Residents in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs surrounding Tullamarine should stay indoors until further notice,” said Environment Protection Authority Victoria on its Facebook page.

“We are working with other agencies, monitoring the surrounding waterways for any run off.”

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