Queensland driver caught with 2.3kg of cocaine at Mt White

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Ipswich truckie Trevor Ross Carter was caught with 2.3kg of cocaine under his mattress during an inspection of his Kenworth at Mt White, NSW, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Carter appeared at Gosford Local Court via audio visual link from jail on Friday and pleaded guilty to supply prohibited drug greater than the large commercial quantity and a related charge of possess prohibited drug.

The 55-year-old also pleaded guilty to drive vehicle with illicit drug present in blood.

Carter was pulled over at Mt White around 9.40pm on September 30, 2021 where he underwent a drug test which was positive for methylamphetamine, according to the agreed set of facts.

The Daily Telegraph report said Carter and a man were texting over September 28, 29 and 30 using language such as “can you bring me a hb?”, “any freight tonight?” and referring to picking up bags, adds the report.

On the morning of September 30, Carter and another truck driver, who is a co-accused in the matter, drove to a warehouse, factory and industrial premises in Botany which houses FedEx.

The facts say that around 10.20am Carter walked away from his prime mover and left the driver’s door of his cabin open. The other driver walked to Carter’s truck empty-handed and left with a black sports bag that Carter photographed earlier and sent to a contact with a message “I’m not coming back ever I have a bag full of coin going to buy a house for cash lol”.

The other driver left and returned 12 minutes later, heading back to Carter’s truck carrying a green enviro bag under his arm before leaving the complex empty-handed.

Carter left Botany around 6.40pm before being stopped by officers at the Mt White station who noticed he was “nervous and defensive”.

Carter was taken to Gosford Police Station where he told police he may have been set up during an interview. He told police he was at the Botany parking bay all day on September 30, having a drink with a fellow truckie called “Chubby” before sleeping most of the day, dropping his parcels at FedEx and leaving.

He said he had never seen the cocaine before and told police that someone must have placed it there while he was with Chubby or heating up his dinner.

Both Carter’s matters will be back in court on August 4, with the charges of supply prohibited drug and possess prohibited drug to be sentenced in Gosford District Court.

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