Want to save on fuel costs?

With fuel prices at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to reduce fuel costs and buy wholesale at a reduced price, with your own fuel storage facility.

Liquip, with more than 50 years’ experience supplying equipment for the bulk liquid handling and storage industry, brings expert knowledge of fuel security and fuel management systems, making it easy to manage fuel costs. 

Liquip has earned a reputation as a dynamic and robust company committed to continued growth as a leader in quality products and solutions for specialist fuel transfer applications.

For many years they have been delivering cost-effective, specialist petrochemical dispensing and storage systems for the bulk liquid transport industry.

HOST Tank Range

Liquip’s HOST (Hydrocarbon Onsite Storage Tank) range provides safe and reliable onsite storage and dispensing of hydrocarbons including petrol (unleaded), diesel, oils, lubricants, AdBlue (DEF) and aviation fuels. This range consists of the HOST ISO Classic, SBT cubes, trailers, AdBlue storage and Fire Rated tanks. 

Australian designed and ranging in storage sizes from 1000 right up to 115,700 litres, the HOST range of storage tanks meet Australian and global standards and are the result of decades of industry experience and know-how in the bulk liquid storage industry. At Liquip, fuel storage, transport and pumping is their game.

The 6000 litre Cube SBT with Fuel Management System.

HOST storage tanks are part of a full turnkey solution, complete with state-of-the-art pumping and dispensing systems, fitted and commissioned by Liquip. The large range of self-bunded tanks are also highly customisable to suit customer needs.

Liquip’s main self-bunded tank range is the HOST ISO Classic. Offering safe bulk liquid storage, as well as multi compartment storage options, sizes start at 12,000 litres and extend through to 115,700 litres. For bigger projects, Liquip also designs and constructs fuel and lube farms where multiple self-bunded tanks are linked to provide up to one million litres of onsite bulk storage. 

Liquip’s smaller self-bunded tanks, HOST Cubes, offer a more cost-effective and reduced footprint option for users requiring an easily relocatable solution, while still supplying an efficient fuel dispensing system. Cubes come in multiple tank sizes, from 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres and can be run as a total off-grid bulk liquid storage solution, using solar energy.

For the safe and economical storage of AdBlue, HOST AdBlue tanks are stainless steel internal tanks, ranging in size from 3000 to 50,000 litres, with slimline options also available. 

Fuel Management Systems

Liquip offers an extensive range of Fuel Management Systems (FMS), that enable fuel security, asset cost allocation and prevent fuel pilferage. Liquip also provides fuel monitoring, utilising its Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) systems that are linked to the fuel management system. These monitoring technologies give the customer and their fuel provider the ability to view wet stock data from their phone or computer at any time, via the free Liquip web portal. 


As clean fuel helps to minimise expensive repairs and unplanned downtime, filtration is an important aspect to consider when looking at fuel storage and dispensing options. 

With recent changes in the requirements to filter diesel to meet engine manufacturers’ increased cleanliness specifications, Liquip has partnered with global leaders in filtration to utilise high quality filtration products in all its self-bunded tank solutions.

Liquip have all your onsite liquid storage needs covered – they can build, supply, install and service their extensive range of HOST tank packages, providing customers with a full solution from start to finish. 

Visit hosttanks.com.au to find out more or contact your nearest Liquip branch in each state to discuss the best option to suit your needs. 

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