ACT launches Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy

The ACT government has released its Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy 2022-30, which details its plans for implementing zero emission trucks, among other vehicles.

The newly released strategy covers everything from cars and trucks, to motorbikes and personal mobility devices, such as electric scooters.

The ACT Government is investing in new technologies for the government fleet. It plans to implement a pathway towards a transition to zero emission waste trucks by the mid-2030s.

Transport Canberra and City Services is currently trialling a zero emissions waste pick-up truck.

As announced this week, a new Volvo plug-in hybrid electric fire truck will also join the ACT Emergency Services Agency in 2022, in a first of its kind trial in Australia.

According to the policy, this fire truck demonstration project aims to show how other emergency services organisations in Australia and globally can transition to zero emissions vehicles.

The ACT Government is also trialling the use of a range of zero emissions vehicles municipal vehicles – including garbage trucks, mowers and light trucks – to understand how best to integrate these vehicles into its fleets.

As technology improves, the ACT government says it plans to commit to seeking additional opportunities wherever possible to transition other heavy vehicle fleets to zero emissions.

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has shown its support for the ACT’s Zero Emissions Vehicles Strategy. In its Friday Facts newsletter, sent today, the ATA says it is encouraged that the policy mentions zero emission trucks.

“We’re hoping to see similar national action,” the trucking body said. “We believe the ACT government’s announcement is the first step towards meeting the 100 per cent 2040 ambition that the ATA has endorsed.

“And the ACT government is already putting words into action, announcing that the ACT Emergency Service Agency is partnering with Volvo Group Australia to co-design and develop net zero emission operational emergency services vehicles.”

The ATA added it was pleased to see movement in other states and territories too.  “The Victorian and NSW governments have announced a $20 million joint grant initiative to support the design and delivery of the Hume Hydrogen Highway between Melbourne and Sydney.”

To apply for a share in the $20 million grant funding, visit the Hume Hydrogen Highway website.

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