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FleetguardMAP is a coolant monitoring service that provides information on the health of the coolant and alerts the customer of cooling system issues before they become major concerns which may lead to costly unplanned downtime or engine failure.

For transport and heavy vehicle businesses, planned maintenance is a vital component of cost control. Preventing engine failures that force vehicles off the road or offsite outside of planned maintenance is core to FleetguardMAP offerings. 

Cummins Filtration know that our clients strive for seamless maintenance of their engines, which is why we developed the advanced coolant analysis program FleetguardMAP – a free service for Fleetguard customers that monitors and protects their engines.

The FleetguardMAP testing process involves a range of in-depth tests on the engine’s coolant which can identify problems with the coolant and/or the engine’s cooling system. The tests can identify early signs of overheating and corrosion, changes in the coolant chemistry (protection), coolant/additive dilution, contamination by fuel/oil or hard water (calcium/magnesium), radiator fluxes, chlorides and sulphate. 

This knowledge is pivotal to the client who needs to know that the coolant is protecting the cooling system, and therefore the engine, before significant damage is done.

Fleetguard customers simply register on FleetguardMap to redeem up to two free sample kits per vehicle per annum or buy additional kits through their Fleetguard dealer. 

Once the samples are posted to our laboratory, inhouse FleetguardMAP experts perform quality control tests on these samples to provide a comprehensive and easy to interpret report – normally within three to four business days. 

The report will outline the condition and the quality of the coolant sample and highlight key issues and recommendations. Reporting on information as to whether the coolant is over-diluted, cavitation protection is near lower limits or hardwater contamination is detected will be crucial for future maintenance. 

The report is emailed to the customer and held securely in the cloud so that data can be reviewed and measured remotely for each engine over time. 

Cummins Filtration understands the need for customers to diminish the total cost of vehicle ownership and it is through Fleetguard’s flagship engine coolants, PG Platinum and PGPlus this can be achieved. With 40 per cent of all heavy-duty engine failures attributable, directly or indirectly, to improper cooling system maintenance, FleetguardMAP aims to extend our customer’s vehicle engine efficiency and life. 

Fleetguard is the only filter company owned by an engine manufacturer, so it’s in our interest too that we have made engine care our number one priority.

Simply go to cumminsfiltration.com/south-pacific/FleetguardMAP to register your details and order a sampling kit. Take a sample of the coolant and post it to the lab.

For more information, visit fleetguard.com.au or call Cummins Filtration on 1800 032 037.

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