Truckies can come clean

One Australian company has designed hot wash and steam cleaners specifically for Australian users. That company, Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps), is proud of pulling together designs that really suit the heavy earthmoving and transport industries.

“We designed these machines to suit ‘time poor’ truck operators who want to keep their equipment functional and looking good,” said Aussie Pumps’ operations manager Hamish Lorenz. 

“The Sizzler, our new star hot wash machine, is loaded with features and built like a tank.”  

The Sizzler is a single phase 240v machine suitable for professional cleaning with capabilities up to 1800 psi and 80°C steam. Adding a turbo for tough applications increases the effective working pressures to 3100 psi. 

“Of course, the turbo doesn’t apply when using the machine at high temperature. The turbo will work like a charm but only at cold to warm temperatures,” Lorenz added.

The Sizzler, like all Aussie hot wash and steamer machines, has a stainless steel cover that is a practical upgrade from the brittle plastic covers that are prone to split if knocked or dropped. Conventional European machines not only have plastic covers, but also a polypropylene chassis – Aussie didn’t go in that direction.

The Sizzler has a robust steel chassis with a built-in bumper, as well as four big solid flat free tyres with steel wheels for easy mobility. An integrated dashboard is conveniently located for easy control.

The heart of the Aussie Sizzler is a quality Italian heavy-duty 1450rpm slow speed triplex pump. “Using a four-pole pump and motor substantially increases operating life, virtually doubling longevity,” said Lorenz.  

Protection built in 

Aussie’s new Sizzler, like the other big steam cleaners in the range, features a multi-function safety control system. This includes Delayed Total Stop that stops the machine 30 seconds after the gun trigger is closed, which saves fuel.

A Micro-leak Detection System stops the unit in the case of leaks in the high-pressure circuit. The Nozzle Clog Control stops the machine if the nozzle at the end of the lance is broken or blocked. That is important too, not only from the point of view of protecting the machine from ‘spiking’. It also protects the operator.

Intelligent Auto Switch Off turns off the machine after 20 minutes of non-use. Operators can often forget to shut down the machine when they’ve finished the job. The Total Stop stops the hot wash pumping but power still goes to the motor. The motor sitting ‘humming’ overnight, before someone notices, doesn’t do the system or power bill any favours.

Dry Running Protection stops the machine when no water is supplied. Dry running of piston pumps results in cavitation, and complete pump breakdown. This particular part of the protection kit is a real ‘pump lifesaver’.

Aussie has put an awful lot of time into developing this product. The stainless steel cover is beautifully designed and lifts off easily for access to internals for maintenance and/or service.  It features an 18 litre fuel tank made of high density polyethylene, providing hours of operation without having to refuel.  

“The Sizzler hot wash uses significantly less fuel than steam cleaners operating at up to 130°C,” said Lorenz.

The temperature is adjustable, from ambient, all the way to 80°C, simply by the ‘thermo controller’ on the machine’s panel. The coil is made from top quality steel tube and is double looped for long life and extra efficiency.

Bigger machines too

Aussie’s Australian conceived and designed range includes steam cleaners that go up to 4000 psi with 15 litres per minute flow. Theses machines are favoured by high production workshops or wash bays where efficiency is key. 

“Most operators use the machine at 90 degrees, that way they don’t burn a lot of fuel unnecessarily and overheat the machine. The products are of the highest standard with bigger 20 litres per minute models for diverse applications.

Aussie matches the hot water machines with a range of heavy duty first world wet/dry vacuum cleaners, that come with a unique five-year warranty.

Further information is available, including loads of data on optional accessories that include stainless steel hose reels, taking up to 50m of hose, 5.5m telescopic lances for high reach cleaning and even turbos for knocking off caked mud where necessary. 

Contact Australian Pump Industries at aussiepumps.com.au or distributors throughout Australia. It’s a great way to use an Australian designed machine to help maintain reliability of your vehicle and have it looking super smart. 

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