Cleary Bros selects Actros for A-double combination

Cleary Bros has introduced its first high productivity A-double Mercedes-Benz Actros, delivering a 14-tonne gain over the truck and quad dog combination it replaces.

With a Gross Combination Mass of 74.5 tonnes, the PBS approved set-up is ready to start delivering for the construction industry-focused operation based in Port Kembla.

Daimler Trucks advanced safety technology was one of the main reasons Cleary Bros chose the 2663 Actros, having experienced the features in a Freightliner Cascadia 116 already working on the company fleet.

“Safety is paramount in everything that we do, but it becomes even more critical when you are running higher productivity vehicles,” said Cleary Bros Transport general manager Steve Crandell.  

“We have been really impressed by the active safety features in our Freightliner Cascadia 116 and we know it uses the same technology as the Actros. We are not going to go backwards when it comes to safety,” Crandell added.

Actros standard safety systems include the fifth-generation radar/camera Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), which can now automatically perform full emergency braking for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Attention Assist (AA). 

The Cleary Bros safety-first approach extends to the aluminium Tefco trailer set, which features ABS, Electronic Braking System (EBS), Roll Stability System (RSS) and anti-burst hydraulics on tipping hoists.  When the tailgate opens, the trailer airbags automatically release to drop down and improve the centre of gravity as the vehicle unloads.

The PBS approved set-up is ready to start delivering for the construction industry-focused operation based in Port Kembla.

Cleary Bros chose the 2663 Actros, which features the 630hp 16-litre engine that also produces a hefty 3000Nm of torque. It is linked to a fully a 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with creep mode.  

“The performance of the 16-litre was certainly one of the reasons we choice the Actros,” Crandell said.

“We have been impressed by the 13-litre Daimler Truck engine in the Cascadia 116, so we know the strength of the engine family and the 12-speed AMT is also excellent.” 

Cleary Bros also selected the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) system, which uses topographic map data to help the truck anticipate terrain and select the optimum shift pattern and engine response for maximum fuel economy. It also helps maximise the amount of time the truck spends coasting, driving down fuel consumption.

Cleary Bros looked into introducing an A-double as a way of boosting its productivity on the long runs the truck will cover each week.

“Our truck and quad-axle dogs have a payload of about 38-tonnes, but with this A Double Actros we are getting an additional 14 tonnes on every trip,” Crandell said.

“That kind of productivity gain adds up pretty quickly.”

Like all Actros models, the Cleary Bros 2663 features the Multimedia Cockpit system, which consists of two large customisable tablet screens that present driver information in super crisp detail.

All new Mercedes-Benz Actros models are supported with a complimentary Best Basic service plan that applies for 500,000km or five years, whichever comes first.  

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