DHL Express CEO to retire after 36 years

DHL Express CEO and senior vice president for Australia and Papua New Guinea, Gary Edstein, has announced he will retire at the end of the year after 36 years with the company.

Currently vice president commercial Australia, Phil Corcoran, will assume the role of managing director, Australia and Papua New Guinea, effective January 1, 2023 and will report to Ken Lee, CEO Asia Pacific at DHL Express. 

“Gary has dedicated his career to DHL and he has been instrumental in positioning DHL Express as a market leader in Oceania. He has increased our market share and revenue, built the partner network and laid a solid foundation for future growth,” said Lee.

“I am excited to see Phil Corcoran taking over the mantle. I am very confident that he will continue to build on the success with the support of a very knowledgeable leadership team in the region.”

Edstein’s career with DHL began in 1986 as a sales manager, before going on to lead as country manager for the New Zealand and Pacific Islands business (1993), Australia business (1998), a stint overseas as director express for Logistics Japan (2000) and project director, Asia Pacific Logistics Optimization (2002).

He spent the past 20 years leading the Oceania, Australia and Papua New Guinea regions.

Also a long time employee, Corcoran has been with DHL Express for 26 years. He started his DHL career in Australia in 1996, and has held various commercial and management positions across the Oceania region, including general manager for Fiji and the Pacific Islands (2002), national sales manager New Zealand (2005), and since 2012, vice president Commercial Australia.

“As the Vice President Commercial Australia, Phil has led the commercial development of our business with a high-performing team, delivering consistent double-digit growth through unpredictable economic conditions. His customer-centric focus and advocacy for our culture of respect and results place us in a strong position going forward,” explained Edstein.

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