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Truckie makes the switch across the ditch

With more than 20 years as a driver behind him in his native New Zealand, Bruce Husband arrived down under just a few months ago, seeking an adventure and a new job.

It wasn’t long before the 44-year-old found both – and he says he hasn’t been disappointed.

“I managed to get a job as a truck driver with Western Bulk Haulage at Townsville and my wife Jo got employed with a bank. We have a great life here with our daughter Blair who is aged six,” Husband said.

Big Rigs saw Husband recently while he was stopped over at the Townsville Port Access Road. It was just before dusk and he was adjusting the trailers he had hooked up to the Kenworth T909 he was driving.

Husband told Big Rigs that he has found plenty of adventure on his trips carrying fuel to places like Quilpie, Blackall and Cloncurry and said that driving here was far different to what he had experienced in the land of the long white cloud.

He said that the distances he now travels are far greater, adding that the roads are also much straighter and the loads far bigger.

“I worked for McFall Fuel out of Napier in New Zealand for the last two years and mostly drove Volvos. The roads over here are pretty much flat, with lots of undulations and fewer potholes. But I have liked both jobs and the money here is a bit better too. Basically, it was just time for a change,” he said.

Outside of work, his hobbies include hot rods and rugby union – but most importantly, spending time with his family.

What was unique about this interview when compared to numerous other ones I have randomly done with truckies who I usually meet while they’re on their travels, is that it was his boss who had nominated him for a story in the paper.

I saw his boss at the hook up area and he was very busy at that time. “Could you do a story on one of the drivers of mine? Bruce Husband is not far away and will be here soon,” he told me.

The boss man was soon on his mobile phone asking Husband to stop off so we could get the ink on the notebook and the photos snapped.

Approximately ten minutes later, Husband drove in and we had a good and interesting yarn.

It is always good talking to a Kiwi because of the friendship between our countries and a healthy rivalry when it comes to sport – like cricket, rugby league and rugby union.

The Kiwis are the world bar when it comes to rugby union but Aussies seem to have the centre stage above them in cricket and rugby league.

But you never bring up Aussie and Kiwi sport without somebody mentioning the underarm bowling along the ground some years ago involving Aussie captain Greg Chappell and his brother Trevor.

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