Penske issues recall for Dennis Eagle Elite 2 models

dennis eagle

Penske Australia has released a recall of 103 units of its Dennis Eagle Elite 2 model in the year range 2020-21.

The recall notice issued today said that due to manufacturing isuses, the exhaust tail pipe outlet may have been directed towards the left-hand side of the vehicle, resulting in exhaust gases being discharged toward pedestrians.

If this does occur, the exhaust tail pipe assembly does not comply with the Australia Design Rule 42/05 (General Safety Requirements).

“The exhaust emissions are directed towards the footpath, which may increase the risk of burns or injury to pedestrians,” the notice added.

Owners of affected vehicles should contact their preferred Dennis Eagle dealer to have parts ordered and arrange for the necessary work to be carried out, free of charge.

For more information ph 07 3271 7777, email, or visit

For a list of VINs affected, click here.

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