UD Trucks launches new Quon upgrades

UD Trucks has released details about the upgraded Quon, which is set to be available in Australia from this month.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the new and improved Quon is designed to be more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

“With our new, upgraded Quon, we are leveraging advanced and smart technologies to actively support the needs of our drivers and customers,” said Jacques Michel, senior vice president, UD Trucks International Sales.

The Quon’s upgraded features deliver better environmental performance coupled with reliability and improved cost efficiency.

The upgraded Quon exceeds Japan’s current fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles by 10 per cent and complies with upcoming Japanese fuel economy standards.

Its ESCOT-VI 12-speed automated manual transmission also provides improved gear shifting and suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency to enhance fuel economy.

The Quon’s redesigned engine and rear axle provide higher power and torque at lower engine speeds, allowing for faster acceleration. While a lighter chassis is designed to help achieve maximum payload.

Additional enhancements to safety features include the Traffic Eye Cruise Control with new Stop and Driver Initiate Go function, the Traffic Eye Brake System, a Lane Departure Warning System and UD Stability Control that automatically detects and adjusts engine output and braking to retain truck stability.

UD Trucks says that on top of exceptional anti-wear, deposit and soot control that protects the engine’s cylinders, pistons, rings and valve train components, the Quon’s new engine also requires one less oil filter to be replaced during servicing and uses up to 6 per cent less engine oil. Engine oil replacement intervals have also been extended by up to 35 per cent, to help reduce maintenance costs.

The upgrades to Quon’s engine are complemented by UD Extra Mile Support – the full suite of vehicle support solutions that takes advantage of the entire UD Network to provide owners with prompt support throughout the life of the vehicle. This includes UD Trust Service Agreements covering optimal preventive maintenance and reliable servicing and inspections by qualified technicians, alongside the use of genuine and reliable parts.

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