Loadshift and Freightlancer merge platforms

Heavy haulage marketplace businesses Freightlancer and Loadshift will officially merge their online platforms into one; providing the same user-friendly features Loadshift customers have become accustomed to, with a variety of enhanced Freightlancer features including secure payment and vetting processes.

This comes after Freightlancer bought Loadshift in May 2021 for $7.7 million. Now, as of August 7, the two will operate under the Loadshift banner. 

Loadshift general manager Drew Davis.

Loadshift general manager Drew Davis said though the plan was always to merge the two platforms, there was a conscious effort to ensure it was done in the best way possible. “Loadshift has been around for over 15 years and has an incredibly loyal user base. It’s a product that’s simple and works well for what it’s designed for. The reason we’ve spent a year putting both platforms together is because we wanted to ensure that the status quo doesn’t change for existing subscribers so they can still use the system as they have in the past,” he said.

“We didn’t want to overwhelm users, so we’ve kept it simple. The platform will look very much like it does now. It’ll be a mixture of both Loadshift and Freightlancer. The way the system is used won’t change very much at all; but there will be enhancements where customers can quote through the system and updates to payments.”

The newly launched Loadshift platform was designed following extensive consultation with existing Freightlancer and Loadshift customers. 

“It was about understanding what works and what doesn’t in the current systems. We wanted to find out what operators’ major concerns are in general in the market,” Davis added.

Things like cash flow, finding freight jobs and running empty were common concerns identified by customers. Surveys conducted by both companies found that many clients are running empty between 30 to 50 per cent of the time. “So it’s about making sure they can be more efficient with their loads and their day to day business operations,” said Davis.

With Covid and recent weather events, there’s also been a shortage of carriers, Davis says, and that’s provided a lot of challenges for businesses. “That’s meant businesses have had to look outside of their existing network – whether that’s meant looking for carriers in areas they haven’t worked in before or having carriers that are unable to meet their current transport needs. 

“When people are looking outside of their current network, the challenge then becomes knowing if a carrier is safe and reliable. And that’s where we’re trying to bridge the gap. If you’re looking for carriers, not only can we help you find those carriers, but you’ll know that they’re compliant, safe and there’s accountability in performance.”

The result: a pool of quality, vetted drivers.

While in the past much of the work coming through the two platforms were either ad hoc or from smaller businesses, there has been a dramatic shift, with many larger businesses incorporating the online freight-matching service into their day-to-day operations too. “These bigger businesses demand a certain level of safety and reliability. With more of the larger players using the platform comes more opportunity for smaller operators to work with the larger players they haven’t worked with in the past,” explained Davis. 

By incorporating Freightlancer’s tried and tested secure payment system, customers can also ensure they receive prompt payment for their services. “It ensures reliability and safety in getting paid for jobs. As soon as a job is completed, the money is transferred into their Loadshift pocket for them to access – so it provides that extra level of safety. Every customer gets rated and vetted, so the pricing transport operators charge will reflect the quality of the service being offered.”

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