Lighting solutions for towing and municipal fleets

HELLA’s comprehensive range of emergency lighting and signal warning lamps provide high levels of performance and reliability for situations where a powerful warning light is required to attract attention – ensuring maximum safety and visibility.

High performance LED lighting technology ensures ultra-long service life, low power consumption, outstanding light performance, reduced downtime and low maintenance requirements.

As solid-state components, LEDS offer considerably higher vibration resistance compared to bulbs and, thanks to innovative programming, many of our LED beacons emit a rotating signal pattern without the need for motor-driven components that wear through use.

High performance LED lighting technology ensures an ultra-long service life.

With LED technology being maintenance free, many HELLA emergency lighting and signal warning lamps have sealed cased that enable them to meet the highest Ingress Protection (IP) ratings.

Combined with the use of high quality materials and robust construction, HELLA lighting products have high levels of impact resistance, enabling them to handle the most demanding operating environments.

Modular light bar

As well as emitting a powerful long-range amber flashing warning signal, HELLA Modula Light Bars offer a number of useful additional functions, depending on the variant chosen, which are discreetly integrated into their sleek and modern design.

The technical base of the roof bar incorporates an amber warning light into the side panels and additional alley lights can also be integrated upon request. The middle section can comprise of various individual modules that provide a range of functions, such as a work light, or stop, tail or direction indicator lights. The individual modules are available as spare parts and can be easily replaced if damaged. 

At just 52mm high, they can either be screwed directly onto the vehicle roof or mounted using the included bracket. The standard base of the Modular Light Bar is controlled with a simple on/off switch; however a wired operating unit and Bluetooth-compatible base for wireless operation is also available. 

The product is available in a range of different sizes with a centre section preconfigured for a variety of applications. 

HELLA emergency lighting and signal warning lamps offer the following: 

• Outstanding light performance

• Low power consumption

  High-quality LEDs

  Ultra long service life

• Reduced maintenance and downtime

• Excellent temperature management

Spare parts are available on request. 

Many more products are also available by visiting the HELLA Universal Lighting and Electronics catalogue at hella.com.au.

High performance LED lighting technology ensures ultra-long service life, low power consumption and outstanding light performance. 

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