Lowering emissions and saving money

If the cost of operating heavy diesel engines and reducing your carbon emissions are becoming a concern for your business, then why not consider hydrogen as an immediate cost-saving solution. 

Following the change in the Federal Government and an increased commitment to Net Zero by 2050, the pressure on firms to formulate carbon reduction plans of action is growing stronger and stronger by the day. 

In order to meet this target, heavy diesel-using companies – such as transport operators – will need to achieve an emission reduction of 60 per cent over the next 28 years, or an average 2 per cent reduction every year.

Within the Australian Government Plan, all transport will shift to hydrogen or electrification by 2050, however it is acknowledged that much of the technology to replace heavy diesel use is still under development and it will therefore take many years before it and all of the supporting infrastructure it needs is widely available and affordable enough for Australian businesses to adopt.

As a result of this, it means diesel will continue to be the dominant energy source for trucks, heavy equipment and generators throughout the next decade. This is where dynaCERT has stepped in and developed a solution that can lower diesel use, save money and reduce emissions – not just in the future, but today. 

The revolutionary dynaCERT hydrogen injection system can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty diesel engines.

dynaCERT has invested a total of $90 million and spent 15 years in developing a patented hydrogen-on-demand technology that is designed to make diesel greener while at the same time also reducing fuel costs today for trucking companies, mining companies, among many other industries running diesel engines – and thereby speeding up the transition to net zero by 2050.  

The revolutionary dynaCERT hydrogen injection system can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty diesel engines immediately and provide a quick financial payback through lower diesel consumption.

The benefits of this additive have been investigated by several researchers in the scientific community, with dynaCERT reporting that findings include:

• The flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel. Burning diesel in the presence of hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion. This will result in higher peak pressure closer to the top dead centre (TDC) and therefore, will produce a higher effective pressure to do work.

• Even a small amount of hydrogen and oxygen injected into the air intake to enhance diesel combustion decreases the brake specific fuel consumption, regardless of the level of load.

• The increase in the air-fuel ratio improves the combustion resulting in lower fuel consumption and better efficiency.

Due to the absence of carbon in hydrogen fuel, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide are reduced. This is aided by the better combustion of diesel fuel with the aid of hydrogen, which has a higher flame speed.

Australian dealer – H2Zero is taking bookings now for installation in the fourth quarter of this year – to commence your own road to zero, reserve your place today.

This follows extensive trial work in interstate freight transport, which has proven a reduction in diesel related fuel costs of 12.1 per cent and an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for each truck of 16.4 tonne per 100,000 kilometres.

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