Opinion: ‘Why can’t they just put an eco-friendly toilet block there?’


The Gatton pads situation has been a complete $h!fight for a while now.

Wes Walker has been lobbying for a toilet block to be put there for almost two years now, if my memory serves me correctly.

With a large amount of state and federal government’s money going down the toilet on other projects, why can’t they just put an eco-friendly toilet block there?

A month ago now Assistant Transport Minister Carol Brown and Senator Glenn Sterle visited the pads and couldn’t believe that there wasn’t toilets there.

Now some random person donates a couple of portaloos there that doesn’t hurt anyone, and all of a sudden people are looking at facing fines if they are not removed?

Truckies (men and women) are the main artery for the heart of the country and we can’t even let them have a place to do their business in private?

Something has to give. These people in offices making the outlandish rules and remarks need to get off their porcelain bowls and see how they’d go off a guard rail, tyre, or up against a tree.

Give them their toilets!

Adam Craig
National Road Freighters Association
NSW delegate

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