Higher mass limits through new SA notice

Those operating eligible livestock carriers, AB-triples and Type 1 road trains (including non-modular and modular B-triples) in South Australia will now be able to run at increased mass limits on designated routes, providing their vehicle has certified road-friendly suspension.

NHVR chief regulatory policy and standards officer Don Hogben said the new South Australian Class 3 Road friendly Suspension Mass Exemption Notice 2022 allows certain heavy vehicles and combinations fitted with certified road-friendly suspension to operate at masses equivalent to Higher Mass Limits, without needing to be enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

“The notice replaces the South Australia Class 3 (HML Application) Mass Exemption 2021, and includes beneficial changes to vehicle eligibility and networks,” Hogben said.

“This notice represents significant progress towards removing the need for multiple permits in South Australia.”

Australian Trucking Association (ATA) chair David Smith welcomed the notice as a significant win for Class 3 operators in South Australia. “This is an important step towards national harmonisation and improved productivity for heavy vehicle movements, and that’s good for the industry and the local economy,” he said.

The notice and accompanying Operator’s Guide can be found here.

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