Senator back behind the wheel for long WA charity drive


We didn’t see anyone in the Coalition government working up this much of a sweat out in the field during their recent terms in office.

After a busy fortnight in Canberra, former truckie and now WA Senator Glenn Sterle was back behind the wheel to deliver over 250 new and unused mattresses and bed bases for families across the Fitzroy Valley at the weekend.

Labor’s most high-profile truckies’ advocate even helped load up the three trailers before he and owner of Centurion Transport Carl Cardaci headed north from Perth on the 2500km haul to the Kimberley region.

“I want to thank my partners, Don and his network from Bedshed, Nick and his team at KEYS – The Moving Solution and finally, I want to give a special shout out to my other partner Centurion Transport who donated the prime mover and trailers to help me get everything up their safely. I could not do this without you all!” Sterle wrote on his Facebook page.

“I’m thrilled to be joined on the trip by my old mate and owner of Centurion Transport Carl Cardaci. To be honest, I think Evelyn is happy to have him out of her hair for the week.”

This is the third run Sterle had done with beds and mattresses into Fitzroy Crossing alone.

He’s a regular visitor to the region behind the wheel of a road train.

Just last February he made his fourth road train charity run in less than two months.

Sterle left Perth in a Centurion Transport Kenworth SAR and triple road train on January 29 bound for Derby in WA’s Kimberley region, a 5000km trip that took four days. He was delivering essentials such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nappies and groceries to an area facing current supply chain issues brought on by extensive flooding.

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