Now that’s what you call a smart tanker pump

A new tanker pump has been developed by Australian Pump Industries that is capable of handling a wide variety of liquids. 

Called the Aussie Genius, it is manufactured from 30 per cent glass filled polyester, to a formula developed for the NASA space program.

Designed to self-prime, the Aussie Genius is an evolution from the Aussie Smart Pump range of 2” and 3” pumps. 

“The Genius goes one step further than the existing line-up with flows to 1350 litres per minute and heads as high as 24 metres, with a vertical suction lift of 6 metres,” explained Aussie’s chief engineer, John Hales. 

John Hales (centre) with Aussie Pumps staff at the launch of the Genius pump.

“The reason we call it the Genius is because instead of the main body housing and back plate being held together with multiple stainless steel bolts like the smaller Smart Pump line, the Genius is held together by a stainless steel clamp that can be released in a matter of seconds.”

Opening up the pump body for clean out and service becomes easy with complete access to the pump chamber in a matter of minutes. The pump is powered by a Honda 13hp electric start petrol engine or a 10hp Yanmar diesel. Both configurations are becoming popular, particularly with truckies operating liquid tankers.

The Genius works so well because the body’s material is impervious to most chemicals, even acids, and will handle liquid fertiliser, clean water, seawater, diesel fuel and lots more. It is available with a range of elastomers that include Buna N, EPDM and Viton. The standard configuration is EPDM.

The pump comes in a handsome stainless steel frame with stainless subbase and anti-vibration mounts.  

“We built it that way because one of the first applications we found for the new pump was marine salvage and firefighting at sea. We designed a tanker pump and the market found other applications for it,” said Hales.

The Genius has virtually doubled the maximum capacity of the standard 2” Aussie Smart Pump. The company is working on a 316 stainless steel version, one of which is already available for 2” applications.

Aussie Smart Pumps have become popular for a wide range of applications over the last 20 years. Their ability to handle corrosive liquids has a major advantage over cast iron and sometimes even brass pumps.

“One of the things we like about the Genius is its components are injection moulded in quantity. We know that the performance is always going to be perfect, first time, every time,” added Hales.

Aussie Pumps is very proud of the new development and lists customers like Holmwood Highgate, Tieman, TTI and other major tanker builders in its clientele.

For more information, please visit the Australian Pump Industries website at aussiepumps.com.au.

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