Trial underway in Queensland for bridge girder movements

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), in partnership with the Queensland Police Service (QPS), is conducting a three month trial of alternative escort arrangements for bridge girder movements.

During the trial QPS escorts will be replaced with Queensland accredited escorts where supported by an approved Traffic Management Plan.

A recent review of current over dimensional vehicle permits that require QPS escorts identified a number of road infrastructure projects where bridge girders of similar dimensions are being transported on a frequent basis.

TMR and QPS have considered the type and size of individual loads, the number of trips and the typical routes travelled.

They have determined that these movements have a lower public safety risk and are suitable for trialling alternative escorting arrangements to reduce the reliance on QPS escorts and improve industry efficiency.

For trial participants, from August 29, 2022, QPS escorts will be replaced by accredited escorts on certain bridge girder movements up to 47.5m long, 4.2m wide and 4.6m highwith a rear overhang not in excess of regulated limits.

To participate in the trial, operators will be required to submit a Traffic Management Plan at the time of lodging a permit application via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). All vehicles involved in the trial must operate under a permit issued by the NHVR and operators must comply with additional reporting requirements.

The Traffic Management Plan aims to identify and mitigate traffic hazards and risks associated with the proposed movement.

This will assist TMR and QPS in assessing the specific route and traffic environment for suitability to participate in the trial and to ensure application of risk mitigation strategies on a case-by-case basis providing a more tailored approach to escorting requirements.

Effectiveness of the alternative escort arrangements will be evaluated at the conclusion of the trial. However, at any time during the trial, should it be determined the risk of continuing the trial becomes unacceptable, the trial will cease immediately.

Any questions regarding the trial should be directed to the TMR Heavy Vehicle Unit at

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