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Pumping it up since 1959

From its early beginnings in 1959 making PTOs, Powauto is currently owned by the multi-national Hydreco group. 

Now operating as Hydreco Hydraulics, the business has expanded to incorporate a complete range of transport hydraulics which includes PTOs to suit most transmissions and applications plus a full range of pumps, valves, hoists and oil tanks. 

In addition to these hydraulic items, Hydreco also offers a range of complementary items such as air and electric controls, tail gate swing and body pivot kits, and tail gate and dolly lock air cylinder kits.

In a hydraulic system, any pump that meets the flow and system pressure requirements will work equally well. There are different styles of hydraulic pumps, and these will look different; and some pumps are more efficient than others. The real cost of a hydraulic pump may not be in the purchase price but in the cost of operating and maintaining the system over its life.

The most common design in use for truck mounted hydraulic systems is the external gear pump.

There are different styles of hydraulic pumps; and some are more efficient than others. This one is a PUA Gear Pump.

Gear pumps have the benefit of being constructed of only a few moving parts. This means that they are easy to service, are relatively inexpensive, provide an almost pulseless flow over a wide speed range and are generally more tolerant of contamination than other designs.

Piston pumps are generally used in applications that have a very high pressure requirement. There are three styles of piston pump: the bent axis, the axial and the radial type.

Piston pumps generally have higher pressure capabilities than the other styles of pump. This is counteracted by having more moving parts (complexity), requiring tighter tolerances and having lower tolerance to contamination. This all results in a higher initial cost and the need for better filtration during the operation of the hydraulic system.

Hydreco Powauto has a wide range of gear and piston pumps to suit your application, from 6cc up to 115cc in both uni- and bi-rotational. The Hydreco Powauto range of pumps come with a vast array of available outputs to suit many different applications; from our unique “Powauto” mount to the ISO, DIN and SAE standards.

All Hydreco PTOs, gear pumps and valves are designed and engineered in Australia, and manufactured under ISO9001 standards, to meet the harshest conditions – from mine sites in some of the toughest areas in the world, to construction sites in our cities, and agriculture applications where reliability is paramount. Our ancillary range of hoists, tanks, controls, and piston pumps are sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and we are proud to put the Hydreco name to these products.

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