Access change on Dogwood Creek Bridge in Qld

The heavy vehicles unit of the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland has issued a change of access notice for operators using the Dogwood Creek Bridge near Miles.

From December 1, 2022, the following mass restrictions for Class 1 OSOM platforms will apply due to structural capacity limitations.

Class 1 OSOM platform combinations:

  • Must travel on the centreline of the bridge at safe operating speed (typically 30-40km/hour).
  • Must be escorted by a minimum of
    • One Level 2 Escort OR one QPS Escort in front of the combination to hold oncoming vehicles.
    • One Level 1 Pilot at the rear of the combination to ensure no other heavy vehicles are within 50m of the load as it crosses the structure.
  • Additional pilot/escorts as required for general travel on the permit must be complied with.
  • Unloaded platforms may travel in lane when safe to do so.

New applications for Class 1 OSOM loaded platforms with 8 or more axles must include a completed F4846 Load Mass Declaration form, including the following additional information:

  • The registration numbers of all modules making up the platform.
  • Calculation of the total tare mass of the platform.
  • The total loaded platform mass (includes mass of indivisible load plus tare mass of platform).

This information will provide TMR with a better understanding of the actual loading the structure is being subjected to, and will assist with the monitoring and overall management of the structure.

Loads NOT PERMITTED over Dogwood Creek Bridge

Platforms for which the Gross Mass exceeds the limits in the following table are not permitted to travel over Dogwood Creek bridge:

Note: up to 28t on a tandem dolly is also permitted with the platform

TMR is working with industry and local government to identify a pre-approved detour. Details of the detour and how to re-route existing permits will be provided in due course.

Should you have any specific access concerns about current and/or future Class 1 movements please contact the Heavy Vehicle Access team directly by phone 07 3066 5511 or email

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