Help Wes Walker keep the Gatton toilets clean for truckies


TMR may have finally splashed out for the hireage of two portaloos at the Gatton pads, but weeks later, it’s still campaigner Wes Walker who is paying out of his own pocket to keep them clean.

Each day Walker (pictured above) rolls up his sleeves and stops by with cleaners and sprays he buys himself, generously donating his time and diesel to get to and from the busy Queensland freight hub on the Warrego Highway.

To help offset the costs, we’ve launched a GoFundMe page to cover Walker’s expenses.

Click here to show your support. Thanks again to those who have already made a donation.

We know it doesn’t seem fair that truckies have to pay for facilities such as these, but until a more permanent solution is found, if we all just put in a few dollars, it’ll go a long way.

When Big Rigs asked TMR what they were doing on the cleaning front, and what the future plans were, we got the below emailed response from a ‘spokesperson’.

“The Gatton Heavy Vehicle Decoupling Facility is a breakdown pad, not a rest stop. The biohazard issues around installing permanent toilets remain,” the statement said.

“The portable toilets are being provided and maintained by our local maintenance contractors. TMR is currently paying these costs.

“The maintenance schedule currently provides twice-weekly cleaning. The schedule is being monitored and will be revised if required.”

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