CEVA Logistics’ B-doubles sporting ‘Don’t #uck With A Truck’ message

Three CEVA Logistics B-doubles that run across Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney will now feature the “Don’t #uck With A Truck” message, following a partnership with the NHVR.

“While the target audience for this campaign is our youngest drivers – especially Learner (L) and Provisional (P) licence holders – it’s important all road users understand what to do when a truck is turning, stopping or how to safely overtake a truck,” said NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto.

“This campaign is provocative by design, and we hope it not only attracts attention, but also serves as a conversation starter about safe driving practices when encountering trucks on the road.”

CEVA VP ground transport ANZ, Nick Galliano, added, “We are extremely proud to work with the NHVR and promote the Don’t #uck With A Truck road safety campaign and raise awareness of how to share the road safely with heavy goods vehicles.

“With light vehicle drivers at fault in approximately eight out of 10 fatal crashes, it’s critical we spread the message and improve road safety for everyone.”

The three Don’t #uck With A tuck branded trailers are part of a new fleet of 20 Mercedes-Benz Actros, nine Scania R540s and 42 super B-double trailer sets from Vawdrey.

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