Taking a stand for truckies

TWU members have always taken a stand, on the ground and in the air. Wherever there is a need to enforce standards, ensure fair rates for operators, or deal with safety issues, you will find members in the fight. 

Recently I was with owner operators as they stood on the grass outside the Woolworths Distribution Centre. Over the past year, cost recovery for these drivers has been getting harder. 

They have tried to raise these issues with Toll management, but received no response. With diesel prices climbing higher, these owner operators, small business operators, are looking at an increasing level of financial pain. 

Without relief, for some, their small business faces closure. Drivers across the transport industry have become weary of being ignored when it comes to cost relief. 

Don’t even start me on Transurban Tolls, they go up again in October. 

For these owner operators at Toll, a win, the power of union. The company after representations has committed to supporting cost recovery for drivers by committing to correct the rate for fuel charges in the unit/hourly rates owner operators receive. Toll will work with the TWU and owner operators to finalise a new rate. 

In terms of cost relief, the TWU has recently made a case for significant increases in the General Carriers Contract Determination rates, for vehicles three tonne and above. These new rates will commence on 3 October. 

The TWU has also secured a Fuel Levy for drivers under the General Carriers rates, we review that monthly. Members looking for their rate increase, can call our Members’ Service Centre on 18000 729 909

TWU members have campaigned consistently for years to create a system that can support transport businesses and workers to thrive. 

Last month a show of unity between hundreds of employee and owner truck drivers, couriers, rideshare and food delivery workers joined nationwide convoys alongside industry groups and employers in support of reform. 

The industry stands by them. A recent transport round table involving the TWU, Woolworths, Coles, Uber, DoorDash, Toll, Global Express, Linfox, ACFS, FBT Transwest, Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation, National Road Freighters Association, state and territory industry associations, academic experts and other transport stakeholders, saw an urgent call for reform for Australia’s deadliest industry.

Now, in the recent job summit, Employment Minister Tony Burke has provided a welcome commitment to set enforceable standards in transport through the Fair Work Commission. 

Enforceable standards for all transport workers will level the playing field to enable a safer, more sustainable and viable transport industry.

It is a great first step, transport workers across the country will breathe a collective sigh of relief at this positive step towards achieving life-saving reform.

The transport industry came together and presented a solution to Employment Minister Tony Burke to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable transport industry for all participants, including gig workers currently locked out of the industrial system.

The federal government has taken the transport roundtable consensus and developed it into a proposal to empower the Fair Work Commission to set enforceable standards. 

If passed into law, this will save businesses, it will save lives, and it will change lives.

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