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Australia’s heavy vehicle industry is planning and building the vehicles and technology to deliver our current and future needs, with hundreds of Australian and international companies involved in the manufacture, distribution and support of trucks, trailers, technology and their components.

We also deliver: innovation, sustainability, technology, and diverse and rewarding career paths. 

It could be your future too!

We thought it might be interesting for you to hear from a few people that work in different roles in the heavy vehicle industry.

Evan Jones | Qualified technician | VCV Brisbane North 

No day is the same as the last; I could be doing servicing, diagnostics, major repairs or even some field service work.

I contribute as part of the team, doing my bit to have trucks prepared efficiently and to a high-quality.

I teach the younger apprentices the skills I’ve learned over the course of my apprenticeship.

If you want a career in the industry, the first and probably most important quality you need is the want and drive to do the work.

The heavy vehicle industry has a vast number of opportunities available and even the chance to work anywhere around the country.

Louise Azzopardi | Trainer and assessor | WesTrac

My first position was as a heavy vehicle mechanical apprentice at Cummins.

I found that I really enjoyed training younger apprentices, so I transitioned into a trainer and assessor role.

We give apprentices the background knowledge and the skills, to have the confidence and the ability to adapt.

One of my proudest achievements, I was the first female to ever compete in the National Apprentice Competition. Then I was the first female to win.

I felt like I was paving the way for women and making it easier for them to get in.

If you are considering a role in the heavy vehicle industry, give it a go. 

Get in and do the things that make you feel uncomfortable, because that’s where you’re going to learn the most. 

Do the tasks that you’re a little bit nervous about. Ask questions along the way because everyone will give you a hand. 

Rob Smedley | Managing director | Smedley’s Engineers

A lot of people come to us with really interesting, different problems. Getting the opportunity to solve those, in a creative new way, and developing new things is a great experience. 

Some qualities you should take on when starting a career: Grab any opportunities to learn from people that have been in the industry for a while. 

Spend time with them, and just soak up as much information as you can. It’s a great industry to be involved in; it’s a big industry – just give it a go. 

Stacey Davies | Network optimisation manager | Daimler Truck and Bus 

My role contributes to the company by increasing the number of return customers. If a customer has a great experience, they are more likely to return to purchase a new product.

My favourite thing about Daimler is the culture. We have great people, and it really is a great environment to work in. 

Within the heavy vehicle industry there are just so many opportunities for young people.

This has been the best job in my 10-year career, and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

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