Monaghan Logistics to downsize fleet after contract ends

Mildura-based Monaghan Logistics is “transitioning” to a smaller operation with a major end-of-contract dispersal sale next month.

A slew of Monaghan’s prime movers, tilt trays, tipping trailers, step deck widening trailers, and other assets have been added to Ritchie Bros. National Unreserved Auction on October 12-13.

Big Rigs has approached director Gary Monaghan for comment.

“I would like to thank Ritchie Bros. for their help facilitating our transition to a smaller operation,” said Monaghan in a media release from Ritchie Bros.

Ritchie Bros. territory manager Sam Cust added: “We feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to manage this end-of-contract dispersal for Monaghan Logistics. Gary has purchased gear through our auctions previously and through those positive experiences has entrusted us with his downsizing plans.

“With a commitment to our customers we’re confident the unreserved auction will bring strong interest given the presentation and service history of the fleet, and the long wait times for new machinery.”

Assets in this dispersal include:

  • 2 x 2021 Kenworth T610 Prime Mover
  • 5 x 2018-2012 Kenworth K200 Big Cab Aerodyne Prime Mover
  • 5 x 2018-2014 Kenworth T409 SAR Prime Mover
  • 2 x 2013 Kenworth T909 Prime Mover
  • 2 x 2004-2007 Kenworth T604 Prime Mover
  • 2 x 2011-2012 Kenworth T609 Prime Mover
  • 2 x 2007-2005 Kenworth K104 & K104B Aerodyne Prime Mover
  • 2010 Kenworth T908 Prime Mover
  • 2010 Kenworth T358 Tilt Tray Truck
  • 2018 Isuzu FYL 300-350 8×4 Tilt Tray Truck
  • 7 x 2021-2016 O’Phee Tri/A Hydraulic Deck Widening Step Deck Trailer
  • 4 x 2017-2002 Maxitrans tipping trailers
  • 4 x 2018-2012 CTE Tri/A Hydraulic Deck Widening Step Deck
  • 2011 Drake 4 Rows of 4 Low Loader
  • 2 x 2008 Hercules Stag tipping trailers
  • 11 x 2017-2010 Lusty EMS Tri/A tipping trailers
  • 3 x 2017-2005 Freighter Tautliners
  • 2 x 2015-2002 Moore Tri/A tipping trailers
  • 2010 Hercules Tri/A tipping trailer
  • 2010 Barker Tri/A Extendable Hydraulic Deck Widening Step Deck trailer
  • 2012 Bailey Tri/A 25500 L Tri/A Water Tanker Trailer
  • 2015 Trans Tank Skid Mounted Diesel 67,000 Litre Fuel Tank
  • 2016 Skid Mounted Diesel 65,000 Litre Fuel Tank
  • 2018 MTE 4 Rows of 4 Hydraulic Widening Low Loader
  • 2007 RES Trailers Bogie/A Low Loader Dolly
  • 2012 Rhino Tri/A Extendable Flatbed Trailer
  • 1995 Topstart Bogie/A B-Double Lead Flatbed Trailer
  • 2000 Topstart Tri/A Flatbed Trailer
  • 2010 Southerncross Tri/A Flatbed Trailer
  • Hyster H150 Pneumatic Tire Forklift
  • 2015 Cat TH417C GC Telehandler
  • 2011 WCM WL200 Wheel Loader
  • 2013 Terex Franna AT20 Pick-and-Carry Crane
  • 2013 Toyota HiLux SR5 4×4 Dual Cab Ute
  • 2012 Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GXL 4×4 SUV
  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van.

Cust said that with over 900 assets already consigned to the National Unreserved Auction in October, and more being added daily, Ritchie Bros. is expecting a lot of interest.

“With record-high demand for quality transport equipment, Gary has decided now is the perfect opportunity to sell his fleet with confidence.”

Bidders can expect to see items from the transport, construction, mining, and agricultural industries. The event will be held exclusively online, interested buyers are urged to register to bid, with bidding opening on Saturday, October 8.

Day one of the auction (October 12) will be dedicated to construction and crushing gear while day two (October 13) will focus on transportation and agricultural assets.

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