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New guides break down the barriers of trucking jargon


Just hired a new recruit who can’t tell their dollies from their pigs?

Or maybe you have clients who are struggling to get their heads around all the acronyms and other unique language of trucking?

National Transport Insurance (NTI) could have the answer with its just released free suite of basic online training tools that will help just about anyone better understand the ins and outs of the industry.

They include a handy downloadable pdf, the Trucking Basics book, which includes truck names, unit types, truck licence categories and arguably the best standalone guide to decoding combination types you’ll find anywhere.

There are also bite-sized video segments from NTI experts to get you up to speed on industry basics, and more in-depth webinars on How to tell your dollies from your pigs, and Small trucks are big business, with more to follow.

“We decided to create our own resources to help pass on our expertise to new NTI team members, as well as our insurance broker partners who help ensure transport operations have the best protection,” said an NTI spokesperson.

“Since then, friends of our organisation, including transport operators, have let us know that they are using the resources to help onboard staff new to trucking [especially those in the administration side of the business], to educate partners and suppliers of their businesses, and also to highlight the work of truckies to the wider community.”

The current materials are the first phase of a series that will also focus on similar materials for cargo and shipping, as well as plant and equipment.

Keep checking the NTI website, and be sure to follow NTI’s social channels, to keep up with the new resources being added to the series.

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