Air-Weigh: A key player in onboard weighing systems

Air-Weigh has been a major player in the onboard weighing space in Australia for the past two decades, and E-Max Australia has been a leading distributor for the product the whole way through.

E-Max features a comprehensive product line of scales and provides solutions for both trucks and trailers with mechanical or air suspensions. With expertise in advanced on-board scale communications, it offers a complete vehicle weighing system that will help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximise profitability.

For over a decade, the company has participated in testing, improving and working with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and other road authorities, with a major commitment including TCA’s Category B approved system for use in IAP-M, Smart OBM and VicRoads High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs).

E-Max managing director, Phillip Carthew, says the company is very dedicated to servicing the industry.

“We have been providing advanced products for a critical industry for a very long time,” he said. “E-Max services the market with its Category B approved OBM products used in conjunction with all of the major telematics providers.”

E-Max features a comprehensive product line of scales and provides solutions for both trucks and trailers with mechanical or air suspensions.

The company’s Air-Weigh product is backed by a three-year warranty, and it is a single turnkey solution with no ongoing data costs associated with the use of the scale. The systems connect directly into any number of the leading approved telematics providers.

Carthew explains that some of its competitors require the operator to have a data plan for the scale system along with a required data plan for the telematics provider, which comes with disadvantages in the long run.

“While there may be some small cost advantages up front in going with some opposition products, ultimately, often you will need an extra full mobile tablet or phone data plan to be compliant, adding thousands of dollars over the years of use,” Carthew added. 

“It is important for the operator to fully understand what compliance of an OBM system is, for use in IAP-M, Smart OBM, and also for use in programmes such as VicRoads HPFV’s and across all other states. Our technical staff can help and easily explain how this works.”

Carthew says the system is equipped with both factory and manual calibrations, allowing user flexibility in the operation and calibration of the scale.

“It uses a secure closed-in vehicle network to transmit its messages,” he said. “By using existing wiring and electrical connections in both the truck and the trailers, it requires no additional cabling in the trailers or any additional connectors and cables between the prime mover and the trailers.”

He explains that the company also offers a Bluetooth option for those who want to use their mobile phone as a scale interface, which requires no additional data usage on the device.

“The app provides an optional ability, if desired, to store up to 100 load information points which you may email from your phone or tablet if needed,” he said. “However, when the scales are being used for programmes such as IAP-M or smart OBM, all data must be connected to and transmitted via the approved TCA telematics provider.”

According to Carthew, E-Max is always striving to develop and improve its OBM product to make it the best available product on the market. “We look forward over the coming decades to continue working with the road transport industry, which is critical for the growth of the Australian economy, providing avenues for productivity in partnership with our customer.”

For more information, please call 1300 850 575 or visit e-max.com.au.

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