Success continues for TWAL members at awards

The awards success for Transport Women Australia Limited continues with the iconic Frances Ross taking out the Excellence in Transport Award at the prestigious Women in Industry Awards in Sydney earlier this month. 

TWAL has taken out this award in all but one of the last six years; in 2017 Pam McMillan, in 2018 Jacquelene Brotherton, in 2019 Sondra Kremerskothen, in 2020 Melissa Strong, in 2021 we missed out, and in 2022 Frances Ross. 

We are so proud of our members and how much they contribute to the transport industry. The members winning these awards have not always been nominated by TWAL, but they have all been members of our association. 

We have some events coming up for you; a Learning Initiatives Breakfast in Sydney sponsored by TWUSUPER and rt health with Varenya Mohan-Ram and Alison Weatherill speaking at the breakfast. Varenya will provide a fund update talking all things super and why education is important for employers and your staff; The RT HEALTH presentation is titled Private Health Insurance: Explained. 

This is to be held on October 13 in Parramatta. We look forward to seeing our NSW members and guests there. On October 12 in Ballarat, we will be hosting the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to a breakfast; Belinda Hughes, A/Executive Director Statutory Compliance will be speaking about Enforceable Undertakings and other relevant matters regarding the NHVR. If you would like us to host events in your area, please contact us the chair@transportwomen.com.au 

Of course, we have all our end of year events starting with Perth, on November 22, Albury/Wodonga, November 29, Melbourne, December 1, Brisbane, December 6, Wollongong, December 7, Sydney, December 8 and Dubbo, December 14. We will be presenting our winners of the Driving the Difference Scholarships at these end of year events and the Trish Pickering Memorial Award recipient for 2022 will be announced.

TWAL is a not-for-profit member-based association and as such relies on their funding from members, sponsors, and events to continue our current initiatives and to promote further initiatives.

The need for funding increases as our programs grow, we also need to hire an administrator to optimise efficiency. 

The board has acted as administrator for the past five years as we pushed to grow the membership, to bring you new initiatives, to broaden our events and take them to rural areas. To keep the association strong, and as the association has grown, the work on initiatives becomes more complicated and our social media presence grows, we need someone to take care of our daily admin duties. This will allow the board to continue to grow and expand on everything we do. 

If you have any interest in sponsoring the association, or helping us in writing grants applications or have an interest in the administrator role; please contact me at chair@transporwomen.com.au or call 0417 422 319.

  • Jacquelene Brotherton is chair of Transport Women Australia Limited

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