4000km charity walk from east to west

If you’re passing Ceduna in the next few days, keep an eye out for Richard Van Pijlen, 67, who is making the epic trip from Sydney to Perth, on foot, to raise money for charity.

He began his 4000-kilometre adventure in May, in the hope of raising $10,000 to plant 10,000 trees for LandCare projects around the country.

Originally from Netherlands, Van Pijlen lives in Sydney. He developed a fascination with Australia from an early age and decided to move down under when he was 25.

The father of three and grandfather of eight says that Australia has given him so much over the past four decades and he wanted the opportunity to give something back.

East Coast truckie Troy Clarke got in touch with Big Rigs to tell us about his cousin’s Sydney to Perth walk. “He’s just left Ceduna in the last day or two. If the drivers could give him a toot on the way I know he’d appreciate it,” he said.

“My son and I did a trip on our motorbikes a while ago and met up with Richard near Wollongong. When he got to Melbourne, we met up on the Great Ocean Road.

“We’re in touch quite regularly. I talk to him and check in about once a week. I thought Big Rigs would be a good way of letting trucks know that he’s out there,” Clarke added.

“Richard has had plenty of truckies tooting their horns as they pass him. He mentioned a couple of times that he has been really impressed with the truck drivers, who have been giving him plenty of room as they pass.”

Van Pijlen has so far raised over half of his $10,000 goal through his GoFundMe page. You can also follow his journey via his Instagram page.

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