Future truckie behind the wheel

This go-getting six-year-old buggy racer says he wants to follow in the footsteps of his late grandfather and one day become a truckie.

Milton Stout lives in Townsville and travels 130 kilometres a month to Charters Towers with his proud dad Anthony Stout, to compete in a buggy race.

Milton has signed up for rugby league, football (soccer), cricket, follows rodeo, and also races a buggy as part of the North Queensland Mower Racing Club.

“Milton was first placed in his division on September 24 and was third at the NQ Titles back in July,” proud mum Kylie told Spy.

His late grandfather Gary Stout was a truck driver, as well as a handy cricketer and rodeo enthusiast who has a grandstand named in his honour at Bartlett Park Rodeo Grounds at Kelso.

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