Webasto – a partner for all of your e-mobility needs

Committed to a green future, Webasto is shaping the transition to e-mobility through close collaboration with their partners and customers. 

Building on over 90 years of automotive expertise, Webasto has developed a modular and scalable concept for the electrification of commercial vehicles and construction machinery. 

Manufacturing in a state-of-the-art German facility, Webasto offer a complete plug and play solution, providing everything from one primary source: battery, vehicle interface units and thermal management.  

The core of the system is the CV standard battery with a configuration of 400v and 800v. 

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the battery has been homologated against recognised standards ECE R100, ECE R10 and tested against the highest industry safety requirements. With constant monitoring of multiple parameters the CV Standard Battery delivers safe, maintenance free reliability across a wide range of applications. 

The CV standard battery offers manufacturers flexible and easy integration into the vehicle due to vertical and horizontal installation positions and the ability to communicate via CAN to the vehicle.

The VIB offers a cost-efficient interface.

Up to 18 standard battery systems can be interconnected with the Vehicle Interface Gateway or up to 10 standard battery systems with the Vehicle Interface Box. The VIB offers a cost-efficient interface as an intelligent power distribution unit, master BMS and is designed to enable DC and on-board charging.

The eBTM is a stand-alone Battery Thermal Management Unit.

Completing the package is the eBTM which is a stand-alone Battery Thermal Management Unit which ensures optimal functioning of water-cooled battery packs and provides ideal battery cell performance over the long term. All the necessary components for heating and cooling the battery are contained in one compact unit offering flexible installation on either the roof or the chassis via multiple mounting points.

Webasto empowers you to get started right away and save long development cycles; after all, they have already carried out the certification and testing for you. 

With Webasto by your side every step of the way, their experts advise you right from the outset and integrate their solution perfectly into your existing system. 

For more details, visit the website at webasto.com or call Webasto on 02 8536 4800.

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