SAF-Holland training the fleets of tomorrow

What a lot of people know about SAF-Holland is that it is a quality manufacturer among the top suppliers in the industry. However, what some may not know about the manufacturer is that it offers fleet training services to help customers get their equipment on the road. 

SAF-Holland has been running its fleet training for over 10 years, but due to Covid-19, it’s had to sit out for the last few years.

With Covid seeming to slowly fade away, SAF-Holland’s training has resumed. Available in house or remotely via a mobile set up, it teaches customers how to use SAF-Holland’s products before putting it to use in their fleet.

SAF-Holland Western Australia branch manager, Terry Stott, is in charge of the program and explains that by teaching clients how to take apart and fit their specific products – which are available to learn on during each session – they are much less likely to make errors down the line.

“The main thing behind it is to offer the back up support,” he said. “So that once a customer buys a product they’re not just left on their own, there’s that aftersales support. That’s the biggest reason why we do it.

“It’s in terms of maintenance in terms of new equipment, so we also offer installation training as well, so you’ve got pre and post sales because we’re training the guys before they fit the gear and then we’re supporting it on the maintenance side of things.”

Stott says the program doesn’t only offer installation training. Instead, it can branch out to service training and refresher training on the service side of products, as well as catering to new fleets who haven’t used SAF-Holland’s products before.

“It gives them an understanding and a familiarity that they’re not learning,” he said. “Then, once the job is in front of them and once the equipment comes in the door, they already know what they need to do and they’re familiar with it, which in turn alleviates a lot of potential errors that could occur.

“It also helps from the safety side of things, in terms of correct torque settings and adjustments,” he says. “It can help them by having a familiarity with the product. In that, errors are less likely to occur, which can cause downtime, injuries and financial implications if they do happen.”

The program has received a lot of positive feedback from fleets around Australia, mainly because of its usefulness, but also due to the flexibility it offers.

“Everyone’s really grateful for it, and I think the fact that they’re not just left out on their own to figure it all out for themselves is greatly appreciated,” Stott added. “We take training requests as well, so if anyone wants to reach out to do some training, feel free to contact us.”

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