The highway and the Bumblebee

If you thought you may have seen Transformers favourite Bumblebee running up and down Sydney’s highways, you’re not mistaken.

A bright yellow K200 stands out amongst the traffic, with its huge Bumblebee mural capturing plenty of attention.

After coming across the impressive looking Kenworth, Big Rigs wanted to know more.

It turns out the truck belongs to Sydney based heavy haulage business Megatilt, which has been owned by Greg Taylor since 2016.

“I’ve owned Megatilt for six years now. It was previously owned by Steve Sarkis and had about 15 trucks. I was his transport manager, so when he decided to get out of it, I bought some of his trucks and continues, including the Bumblebee K200,” Taylor explained.

“We move all types of heavy and light loads. We also move machinery daily in Sydney metro and throughout the east coast,” he said.

“I couldn’t purchase them all, so the other trucks were auctioned off. A lot of photos get taken of that Bumblebee truck when you pull into truck stops, but it’s so hard to keep it clean at the moment with all this rain.”

At one point, the Megatilt fleet sported quite the array of superheroes and action characters. “It started with the Bumblebee truck, then went to Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, The Thing and more. I believe the Wolverine truck is in Brisbane now and the Captain America one went to Adelaide,” said Taylor.

The Bumblebee truck is a 2013 model and it’s used predominantly for carting cranes and drill rigs. Purchased especially for heavy haulage, it is rated to 186 tonne.

Taylor’s foray into transport started with his father. “He was in transport and cranes, so it progressed from there. I was originally a crane driver and got into heavy haulage 20 years ago.”

He was with Megatilt for about three years before the opportunity came to take over. The fleet currently has two Kenworth K200s, with another one due to arrive in the next few weeks.

“This is our third truck, so we’re going to try and get bigger and better. The future is looking pretty bright, there’s a lot of work out there.”

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