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Based in Coopers Plains in Brisbane, Fortuna Straightline Engineering has a history in workshop servicing and repairs that extends back almost 80 years.

Started in 1943, Fortuna Straightline Engineering has a wealth of knowledge in the transport industry, with loyalty and dedication to its clients, suppliers and staff being at the heart of its values.

A dedication to providing a high level of customer service has seen customers coming back time and time again, with many customer relationships enduring for decades. 

Trucks, whether big or small, are the livelihoods of its customers, so Fortuna Straightline Engineering is dedicated to getting your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. 

With so many years of experience, industry-leading equipment and extensive quality control procedures at Fortuna’s workshop, you can be sure that your vehicle will be repaired to the highest quality standards, with the shortest possible downtime. 

Long-established relationships with a network of parts suppliers ensures the fastest possible delivery of all parts required.

Among the specialist services offered by Fortuna are general servicing and tune-ups, wheel alignments, general truck and trailer repairs, axle correction, crack testing, brake rebushing and electrical services. 

Fortuna carries out front and rear alignments on trucks and aligns drive axles on trailers. If your wheel alignment is out, it can increase your fuel burn, decrease your tyre life and your vehicle power. That’s why Fortuna Straightline Engineering recommends getting a wheel alignment every 6-12 months, which will save you money in the long run.

On site at the workshop is a 250 tonne hydraulic press, which is used to press bushes out of suspension arms, or any seized components you are having trouble pressing out. 

As an approved Inspection Station, Fortuna can also test to check over all suspension components and bushes with its shaker/brake tester.

As some makes and models of trucks can be built for international roads, the camber of the axle can be set much differently to what is suited for Australian roads. With regards to axle correction, when your camber reading is low, and you require the axle to be re-set, Fortuna can reset the axle beam for camber, caster and KPI.

And if your truck has been in an accident, crack testing can be performed on your axle and all of the steering components. Fortuna thoroughly checks the axle beam, tie rod, tie rod ends, king pins, steering arms, bolts and draglink for serviceability and trueness.

The expertise Fortuna has developed over the years means it can repair all kinds of vehicles, machinery and equipment. It’s a true one-stop shop for all your mechanical needs. Whatever kind of vehicle you need repaired, you can rest assured that Fortuna has seen it before and knows exactly what to look out for.

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