Over mass vehicle lands consignor in hot water

The roadside intercept of a vehicle found to be substantially over mass, with a load that wasn’t properly restrained, has led to the consignor being held accountable under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

The vehicle was carrying metal, aluminium and car parts. According to the NHVR, its investigators found that the consignor had no procedures, training or induction materials in place for mass or load restraint requirements.

An Improvement Notice was issued, requiring the consignor to develop and implement a documented risk management process, procedures, systems and staff training including control measures to manage risks associated with mass requirements.

The NHVR also issued two improvement notices the operator in relation to mass and load restraint practices.

NHVR acting executive director statutory compliance Belinda Hughes said the Improvement Notice reinforces the message that responsibility sits with all parties in the supply chain.

“If you are not a transport operator but you engage the services of a transport operator, you must ensure the safety of that activity, it’s a shared responsibility,” she said.

“This particular investigation demonstrates that the NHVR will investigate all parties in the chain to ensure they meet their obligations.”

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