The Alemlube automatic lubrication system

Alemlube has formed an alliance with ILC which designs, manufactures and assembles a wide range of grease and oil systems for use in close to every imaginable lubrication system application.

Manufactured in Italy, and covered by a two-year warranty, the Alemlube ALS system can be used on trucks, trailers, wheel loaders, excavators, mini skid steers, front, side and rear loaders, AG sprayers, hay bailers, waste recycling plants and many fixed plant applications.

Automatic lubrication systems reduce maintenance time by utilising small amounts of fresh lubricant that are added every hour of operation, ensuring that contaminants are kept well clear of bearings and other key components thanks to a collar of fresh grease. In this way, wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum and mechanical components can achieve their maximum life. On top of that, equipment can be kept in production longer, saving precious maintenance resources for more important jobs.  

In the transport sector, fleet owners and owner operators can benefit by having their rigs on the road more, with less downtime and lower running costs.

Alemlube has compared the greasing labour and lubrication related running costs of a large heavy-duty interstate truck fleet.

The key cost components checked were greasing labour, grease cost and shackle pin and king pin replacements – these are the key greased front suspension components which require costly parts and repair costs when worn.

The results of the research were surprising. Shackle pin life of 600,000km and king pin life of 1,200,000km was the best previously attainable by diligent hand greasing and normally attainable by liquid grease lubrication systems. That meant that during the life of the truck, costly downtime was required to replace these key components.

John Knight, Alemlube’s Lube Systems product manager, believes that the Alemlube lubrication system as manufactured outside Milan is taking transport equipment lubrication to the next level.

“The pump station has features and benefits that will set new standards and expectations within the industry in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

“The Alemlube ALS pump station is manufactured from the latest engineering polymer materials making it lighter, stronger and more durable and it can be used in the harshest operating conditions with maximum exposure to the elements.”

Designed and built to be used with NLGI2 grease as specified by many OEM manufacturers, with this grease system owners and operators can not only use the grease of their choice but they can also use the grease type specified by the relevant OEMs, in some insistences keeping warranties in place and effective.

Another benefit of utilising the Alemlube ALS system is that grease points can’t be missed, with difficult or hard to reach points kept perfectly greased regardless of servicing schedules.

With trained and experienced BDMs and technicians located around the country in their Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth branches, plus technicians strategically located in Townsville and Toowoomba, when installations or service work are needed, Alemlube will be there for you as and when required.

If you would like to hear more about how the Alemlube ALS system works and how it can improve your operating times, reduce running and maintenance costs and lift productivity and profitability, contact your local Alemlube Lube Systems BDM. Visit alemlube.com.au for more information.

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