A more efficient and reliable air dryer solution

In days gone by, valves or taps at the bottom of a truck’s air tanks were opened at the end of each shift to let accumulated water spit out. This reduced the amount of moisture that found its way into more sensitive parts of the air system, including vital brake parts and transmission slave pistons. 

With the ongoing evolution of commercial vehicles, the proliferation of new pneumatic powered accessories has increased demands on vehicles’ compressed air systems. From kneeling buses to multi-axle ABS brakes, new applications have raised the requirements for clean, dry air, straining existing technologies and creating a need for more efficient and reliable air dryers. 

The SKF Brakemaster family of air dryers is meeting those needs.

In addition to units designed for high-value performance in conventional over-the-road applications, the SKF Brakemaster line includes air dryer units specifically designed to handle the extreme air system demands for such industries as transit and refuse.


The Turbo-2000 is the recommended choice for severe service applications, where the compressor output reaches 30 CFM and duty cycles run as high as 40 per cent.

Its ratio of large purge volume to desiccant produces the ideal filtering system and contamination protection for heavy duty service today. A four-way filtration system, consisting of three filter screens, a unique filtering bag, plus four pounds of high quality molecular sieve desiccant, strips away moisture and traps compressor blow-by. The spin-off cartridge can be serviced in minutes. The compact purge tank can be installed anywhere and provides a full 460 cu. in. of clean purge air.

Turbo-2000 Filtration Plus option

The best just got better – with SKF’s Filtration Plus Option for Turbo-2000 and HD-2000. 

As more components draw on the vehicle’s compressed air system, air quality has become critical. A contaminated air system dramatically adds unwanted operating costs that the new Filtration Plus Option can avoid.

The Filtration Plus Option provides the same benefits as the current SKF series of air dryers but adds an additional two-stage high efficiency filter that removes even the finest oil residue. The Filtration Plus Option specifically addresses high air volume applications, such as transit, refuse or cement mixers.

The benefits of the air dryers equipped with the Plus Option are plentiful: 

• Protection of downstream valving that gums up with oil contamination. 

• Improved air capacity. Compressor charge times increase as oil and water filled wet tanks reduce air capacity.

• Improved compressor service life. Coked up discharge lines cause the compressor to work harder shortening its service life. 

• Extends air dryer cartridge service life. The two-stage filtration system added to the already extensive cartridge filters extends the service intervals. 

• The two-stage Filtration Plus Option is self-cleaning with every purge cycle keeping the performance optimised.

• Easily retrofits and upgrades the filtration system of any existing SKF Turbo series desiccant air dryer with a cartridge Plus kit T224-P.

For more information, visit vsm.skf.com or email chris.hayes@skf.com.

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