Hero truckie foils alleged carjacking in Melbourne CBD

level crossing

A truckie is being hailed as a hero by witnesses after his quick-thinking appears to have stopped an alleged carjacking in the Melbourne CBD this morning.

The alleged attempted carjacking occurred at the intersection of King and Collins streets in Melbourne about 7.40am.

Witnesses told the Today show that a quick-thinking truck driver parked his vehicle in in front of the Audi to stop the alleged carjacker from getting away in it.

Police who were patrolling nearby then arrived on scene and arrested a 37-year-old man and a 29-year-old man.

According to police, a grey Mazda sedan crashed into a blue Audi which was stationary at traffic lights on King Street at the intersection.

Two men, who were armed with weapons, then got out of the grey Mazda and refused to exchange details with the male driver of the blue Audi, police have said.

“Following an altercation, it is alleged the men stole the keys for the Audi,” a police spokesperson has said.

A meat cleaver has been seen lying under the Audi after the incident.

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