Isuzu breaks new record

With 33 consecutive years as the country’s highest selling truck brand, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) reveals it’s already surpassed its annual sales record, well before the year’s end.

The brand attained its all-time sales record in 2021, with 10,175 truck deliveries made by the end of December. Though there’s still two months left of the year, IAL says it already hit that mark in mid-October.

Isuzu Trucks finished September 2022 with 9642 sales year-to-date, a 32 per cent increase in volume on this time last year.

The brand also improved market share over the same time in 2021, according to official Truck Industry Council market figures, with 29.9 per cent of all trucks sold bearing the Isuzu badge. Isuzu share for the same time in 2021 stood at 24 per cent.

A dominance of the light-duty segment continued at the end of September, with 5492 units sold for a 46.5 per cent share year-to-date, and sales volume increase of 30 per cent. This is close to 1300 units more than at the same time in 2021.

In medium-duty, Isuzu Trucks has the top spot with 2665 units sold for a 45.2 per cent share. Sales are some 28 per cent above 2021 figures and share increased from 39.5 per cent.

At the heavy-duty end, Isuzu continues to stand firm in third spot at the close of September, with 1485 units sold for 14 per cent share, and sales volume growth of over 50 per cent.

Playing an important role in those figures are Isuzu’s 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Mass light-duty models, including the NLR, NLS, NNR, NPR and NPS variants.

“As an indicator of how well these models are being received by Australian businesses, we can see that in the month of September 2021, Isuzu delivered 310 units. Compare that to the same time this year and we’ve delivered 572 trucks,” said IAL head of sales, Les Spaltman.

Other popular models are the newly updated 6×2 and 6×4 F Series range, including FVM and FVL, FVZ and FVY variants.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that these models are continuing to tick the box for all manner of business operations, and especially in that freight and logistics task, which is in huge demand at the moment,” Spaltman added.

“We’ve raised the bar when it comes to safety, comfort and user experience across our medium and heavy-duty range, so it’s great to see consistent sales performance in this model group across the last 12 months.”

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