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Detroit takes covers off new and improved engines

Combining higher horsepower ratings, greater fuel efficiency and a reduced weight, Detroit lifts the lid on the engines powering Western Star’s new X-Series.

Powered by Detroit’s DD16 and all-new DD13 Gen 5 engines, the X-Series range has just been unveiled to the Australian market.

According to Penske Australia, the 47X, 48X, and 49X trucks feature cutting-edge technology and high performance offered by the Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems, Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission, and Detroit Connect vehicle services.

“The Detroit DD13 Gen 5, DD16, DT12, Assurance, and Connect portfolio of products and services bring the ultimate in performance, safety, and support for all customers,” said Bob Gowans, Detroit business manager at Penske Australia.

“Whether customers are operating in linehaul interstate or on a rugged logging or work site, the innovative and powerful DD13 Gen 5 and DD16 engines will keep them moving, maximising productivity and uptime.”

The DD13 is the highest rated 13L class engine offered by Detroit

The DD13 Gen 5 offers 450-525hp and 1550-1850 lb-ft of torque and is designed to deliver exceptional fuel economy and high performance while offering a weight advantage of 185kg over the previous generation DD15 in the legacy Western Stars.

Offering 500-600hp and 1850-2050 lb-ft of torque, the DD16 is engineered for greater reliability.

“Exclusive to the X-Series, the DD13 Gen 5 now offers up to 525hp, which is the highest rating of a 13L class engine offered by Detroit,” Gowans said.

“And the DD16 in the X-Series, which is the most powerful on-highway engine offered by Detroit, features a completely revised after-treatment system.

“Both engines also offer vastly reduced downtime due to diesel particulate filter regenerations with intervals now more than six times longer than on ADR-80/03 engines.

“Meeting the latest GHG-21 fuel economy standards, the DD13 Gen 5 and DD16 powering the X-Series are among the cleanest in the world, conforming to the US EPA-10 emissions standard, as well as being ready for the pending Australian ADR-80/04 regulation.

“The DD16 has retained the turbo-compounding technology that has proven to be extremely reliable in local Australian conditions over the last decade.”

Utilising a fusion of radar and high-definition camera technology to activate its state-of-the-art features, the Detroit Assurance suite of advanced safety systems includes side guard assist, Active Brake Assist 5, adaptive cruise control, tailgate warning, and lane departure warning.

“Detroit Assurance’s automated safety and collision mitigation systems are highly-effective at avoiding or reducing the severity of collisions, taking the Detroit product to the next level of driver comfort and truck capability,” explained Gowans.

The DT12 automated manual transmission has undergone 35 million miles of testing in a range of challenging applications.

Available in DT12-OV and DT12-OVX variants, the 12-speed transmission boasts rock-free and off-road functions in addition to the on-highway focussed economy and performance modes. It also includes a power launch feature and has side and rear power take-off (PTO) capabilities.

Also contributing to the performance and uptime of the X-Series is the Detroit Connect suite of vehicle services, including the Detroit Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostic service, which provides real-time fault and performance data to make informed decisions about service. And every Detroit-powered X-Series comes with a five-year subscription to Detroit Connect services as standard.

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