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Calling all rising stars of the rural trucking sector

rising stars

A new joint initiative from the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) and PowerTorque Magazine is looking for the next generation of top performers to take the rural trucking sector into a brighter future.

The search is on for Rural Transport Rising Stars, those young people who have come into the industry and are trying to make a difference.

By highlighting these high achievers, others from the same generation will be given a beacon to follow into the rural trucking sector, which is struggling to attract enough high quality operators to develop further, said Tim Giles, PowerTorque editor, at the initial launch of the new initiative.

“Young people today seem to regard the industry as not very attractive and a difficult place to work,” said Giles.

“As usual, it’s our fault, and we probably don’t help the situation with our war stories from the 70s and 80s about the sort of things we had to do and the risks we took. We are dealing with a generation who have a completely different outlook on life and expect very different things from their working life.”

As an industry publication, the small team at PowerTorque – a sister masthead of Big Rigs at Prime Creative Media – have an ongoing collaborative relationship with the ALRTA and had been discussing the sort of positive initiatives they could get involved with, which would improve these perceptions and create something which could help in a small way.

“We had seen the success of the young rural driver award schemes that are presented in Queensland and New South Wales,” said Giles.

“So we thought it would be a good idea to create one for the rural trucking industry as a whole, nationally and complement the existing awards.

“Something which would reward and encourage those people in the rural trucking sector, who show initiative, that enthusiasm, come up with really good ideas, and work hard to make both their lives and the trucking industry in rural areas, a better place to work.”

Giles said the concept of the Rural Transport Rising Star is simple, open to anybody working in the rural transport sector.

“And I mean anybody. We didn’t want to make it too complicated,” said Giles. “If you know somebody who you think is inspiring or showing initiative then why not nominate them. The only qualification is that the nominated person has to be under 35 on December 31, 2022, and be nominated by someone in an industry association.”

The rules for entry also align closely to the criteria of the existing awards, so that entrants in those states can be forwarded across to the national award if they want. A small judging panel will go through those nominations, coming up with a shortlist and make the award at the ALRTA conference next year.

“At PowerTorque we will be able to provide a platform, we will bring those nominated to the attention of the industry, not only in our publication but in other industry titles [including Big Rigs], plus other rural-based publications,” added Giles.

“The idea is to get the stories of these young people out as widely as possible, highlighting the positives.”

For more information head on over to the Rural Transport Rising Star page at to download the rules and nomination forms.

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