New access notices for Queensland

Two new access notices have come into play for operators of Class 3 B-doubles, road trains and truck and dog trailer combinations in Queensland.

According to the NHVR, the changes are designed to aid with productivity improvements, with network access conditions in both notices remaining unchanged.

The Queensland Class 3 B-Double and Road Train (Carriage of large Indivisible Items) Dimension Exemption Notice 2022 (No.1) came into effect on October 28, 2022 and provides dimensional exemptions (height and width) to B-doubles and road trains to transport large indivisible items in Queensland.

The changes mean:

  • pilot and escort conditions on the Warrego Highway between Toowoomba and the Chinchilla Shire boundary have been removed
  • transfer of truck and dog combinations are now included in the notice

More information about this notice can be found here .

A second notice, the Queensland Class 3 Truck and Dog Trailer (exceeding 19m up to 31.5m in length) Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice 2022 (No.1), has come into play from today.

It provides dimensional (length, height and width) exemptions to rigid truck and dog combinations longer than 19m but no longer than 31.5m carrying general freight or large indivisible items.

The new notice includes

  • higher steer mass limits
  • an exemption to tow mass ratio
  • the ability to carry indivisible items in addition to divisible items.

More information about the notice can be found here.

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