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UD Quon ticks all the boxes for veteran DG operator

Formula Chemicals in Sydney purchased its first UD Quon 18 months ago – and company owner and director Leigh Smart says he hasn’t looked back.

The industry veteran has been in the transport game for over 50 years and is also a prominent member of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

He founded Formula Chemicals in 1973 and it’s been family-owned and operated since day one, with Smart’s children and grandchildren being part of the business too.

Among Australia’s largest chemical companies, Formula Chemicals specialises in the manufacture of strong acids, alkalisers and detergents for the food and dairy industry.

To ensure their products are transported safely and efficiently across their 33,000 annual routes in NSW, a reliable fleet of trucks is a must. Smart also understands the need for robust and dependable vehicles to maintain a productive and profitable fleet.

UD Trucks Australia recently kicked off its Lap of the Map tour, where it stopped by at Formula Chemicals to chat with Smart.

Volvo Group Australia PR and media manager Matt Wood and Leigh Smart, during the Lap of the Map stopover in Sydney, NSW.

The Lap of the Map tour sees a fully loaded UD Quon CW25 360 circumnavigate the country, stopping in to meet the various ‘Faces of UD’ along the way including customers, dealers and UD personnel over the course of the 15,000-kilometre journey.

During the visit to Formula Chemicals, Smart explained how his UD Quon CD 6×2 360hp trucks have supported the fleet and provided exceptional fuel efficiency. “The fuel efficiency on these trucks blows you away,” he said.

“One of our guys will take a trip down to Albury and come back again and he’s still got a full tank of fuel. They’re a great truck and the drivers love them. It’s incredible how fuel efficient they are compared to our old trucks. Just unbelievable.”

Smart explained that when it came time to buying another truck 18 months ago, it was essential to find the right truck to continue their operations, particularly with transporting dangerous goods safely.

The Formula Chemicals UD Quon CD 6×2 360hp trucks at the Sydney premises.

While Formula Chemicals had been exclusively purchasing from another truck brand for 35 years, Smart reached out to his local UD Trucks dealer after it was recommended to him by a friend and was immediately impressed with the professional service and support he received.

“Both the sales manager and sales executive came out here and had a meeting with me,” Smart said. “They showed that much interest in what I was doing and what they could do to help me.

“They brought out a truck for our drivers and they couldn’t believe it. We’d never get them to go back to the old trucks, no way in the world.”

With his trucks carrying dangerous goods all over NSW, Smart says safety remains an utmost priority for Formal Chemicals. A raft of safety features on the UD Quon include Traffic Eye Brake System, Traffic Eye Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System and UD Stability Control as a standard.

“They’re carrying dangerous goods and that’s the most important thing. We’re looking at a modern truck with all the latest technology, all the stuff you want in a truck and that you need. I couldn’t ask for anymore,” added Smart.

“We’ve got the latest UD truck being built now. It will be an absolutely magnificent truck and everyone can’t wait to see it and drive it.”

Leigh Smart with Formula Chemicals staff.

When commenting on the Lap of the Map and the customer visits that have taken place, vice president of UD Trucks Australia, Lauren Pulitano said it’s been a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers like Smart and hear the genuine everyday stories of UD.

“Hearing Leigh’s story is one that makes us very proud of the work we do at UD Trucks in consistently going the extra mile to deliver reliable, safe and efficient trucks that the industry needs and relies on. We’re excited to continue our journey of Australia and meet the many faces of the UD family,” explained Pulitano.

“UD customers and dealers across Australia have been key to our ongoing success for nearly 50 years, and we’re thrilled to be celebrating customer success and our partnerships along the way.”

You can follow the Lap of the Map journey on TikTok and Facebook: #UDTrucksLapoftheMap

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