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Aussie Pumps supports transport and has a huge respect for how truckies deal with the challenges of this essential industry.

“One way we show that respect is through our Big Rigs Clean Up Club,” said Aussie Pumps’ Niki Patel.  

The club is open to all Big Rigs readers. Being members of the club automatically means qualification for discounts on all standard high pressure Aussie cleaning equipment as well as access to free training programs that help users save money, time and operate more safely.

Cold wash machines – 3000, 5000 psi 

The company is Australia’s leading manufacturer of heavy duty professional high pressure cleaning equipment. Machines all feature slow speed 1450rpm ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pumps. They are available in Honda petrol, Yanmar diesel or single or three phase electric drive configuration. These slow speed pumps have an extended life and offer a unique four-year warranty.

The single and three phase machines have slow speed pumps running at 1450rpm powered by heavy duty four pole electric motors. Called the Monsoon series, they feature the heaviest duty switch in the business. The switch features motor protection, including a circuit breaker with a thermal trip and short circuit protection in an IP65 enclosure with padlocking capability.

Machines are stainless steel trolley mounted, both in electric and engine drive, with big steel wheels with flat free tyres.

“They are built to last in the tough environment of transport cleaning,” said Patel. 

Hydraulic drive pressure cleaning kits are also available, enabling mobile equipment, vac trucks or road tankers to carry inbuilt cleaning kits.

Cold wash accessories

Cold water machines are available with a wide range of high pressure accessories that can save a huge amount of labour in cleaning large vehicles. They work equally well with earthmoving gear, semis or any other large vehicles.

Recommended essentials for use on big jobs is a range of turbos that cut cleaning times by up to 85 per cent, making it easier to move mud, clean undercarriages, saving time, water and wear and tear on the machine and the operator.

Other accessories include a heavy-duty telescopic Aussie Telewand that enables the operator a reach of up to 5.5m. The beauty of the Telewand is when the operator pulls the trigger, the pressure of the water going up the lance takes the weight off the operator. A free harness  also makes the job easier.

Hose reels are available in standard powder coated black, or in stainless steel configuration which is becoming exceptionally popular. Aussie offers special deals with a stainless steel hose reel fitted with 30 metres of high pressure hose for some models. 

The power of steam

Aussie leads the way in the design of high pressure steam cleaners with a range that goes all the way up to 4000 psi. They run off either single or three phase electric motors. These machines are ideal for washbays, providing an infinitely variable temperature control from cold water all the way up to 130°C.

The Aussie Heatwave is a new concept in mobile high pressure steam cleaning.

Mobile steam cleaning

Aussie’s Heatwave is a 4000 psi 130°C steam cleaner, powered by a Honda electric start petrol engine. The full machine, including the diesel fired boiler, comes in a stainless steel frame that can be either trolley mounted or turned into a mobile cleaner by mounting on a ute, trailer or truck.

The Heatwave can be moved around a yard to operate independently cleaning vehicles. It can also be mounted in a fixed position on a vehicle with a water tank to make it an entirely portable high pressure steam cleaning apparatus. 

Safe operation a must

Aussie Pumps offers a free safety training program. Called, ‘Aussie Safe Operator’, the course is accessed online and aims to help protect both operator and equipment by explaining the triplex pump technology at the heart of every pressure cleaner system.   

Once the operator understands how the machines work, including its hydraulic circuit, maintenance costs are substantially reduced and safe operation of the machine dramatically enhanced.

To join Aussie Pumps Big Rigs club, contact Australian Pumps and register your details to get regular updates on safety, new high pressure accessories and models, as well as techniques, and even special deals for Big Rigs readers.

For further information contact aussiepumps.com.au.

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