Weather blamed for ongoing closure of Toowoomba Bypass


TMR has yet to announce when the troublesome detour through Toowoomba will end for truckies, citing ongoing weather issues for the delays in reopening the eastbound lanes on the bypass.

In a statement earlier this week, TMR acknowledged that the lanes were due to open at the end of November, but that had been delayed due to forecasted storms.

It says that the contractor Nexus will update its “management plans” once it has assessed how affected areas respond to heavy rainfall.

“We apologise for any inconvenience the closure has caused to the community however safety remains our top priority,” said a TMR spokesperson.

Shipping containers were installed at a damaged cutting on the bypass, pictured above, as planned on Friday, November 25.

“Nexus will keep the eastbound lanes closed until it has completed its assessments to ensure reopening is safe.

“The westbound lanes are unaffected and operating as usual.”

TMR says the cost of the repairs are being met by Nexus, not the taxpayer, and is more than satisfied with the work on the $1.6 billion project.

“The contract required certification of the design and construction by an independent reviewer, so no short cuts were taken.

“The issue arises from a combination of the complex geology in the area, and the ongoing wet weather.”

Several truckies Big Rigs spoke to, however, are disappointed with the lack of alerts regarding the detour for truckies and what they say is poor signage directing trucks through Toowoomba.

“You’ve got to remember there is a lot of people new to the industry who haven’t driven through Toowoomba back in the day, they’ve only driven since there’s been the bypass,” said one frustrated driver.

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